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The Cheapskates

Welcome to the website for New Haven, Connecticut's folk/rock duo the Cheapskates. We hail out of Hopkins School and are influenced by many artists including the Mountain Goats, Against Me!, and This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. Please check back regularly for updates on gigs, changes to the website, or newly recorded songs. Please leave any feedback at thismachine_killsfascists at hotmail dot com. Enjoy!

September 25: Well, I've started up this site, but otherwise not much in the news department. We'll let you know what's up in terms of gigs or new recordings when they happen, so keep checking back.

No recorded mp3's yet, but keep checking, they'll be here eventually!

Jump the Gun - Four-piece rock band that includes both Liam and Dylan.
Nuclear Meat Catapult - Former band of Liam's and Dylan's. The website is messed up, but you can listen to the mp3's.

More to come later!