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Fam. in the CD

My connections and other Fam.

K.A.B. Piru
S.K.B. Piru
North End Bloods
Duece 9 Bloods
R.A.G. Piru
44 block Eastside Piru
32 Block Blood and PIRU
26 bloods
North Side Bloods
West Side Piru
Little Ruthless Bloods

135 Piru 456 Island 706 Blood 92 Bishops Athens Park Boys Avenue Piru Gang : Affiliations:Westside Blood, Inglewood Blood, Piru Sub Sets: Most members claim 104th Street but they also have 108th & 109th. City: Inglewood Policing Agency: Inglewood Police Department Abbreviation: APG Allie(s):Their main allies are the NeighborHood Pirus of Inglewood, Inglewood Family, Center Park Blood and the Crenshaw Mafias. Rival(s): They are fueding with the 111 NHC, 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips and the 90's. Parks:none Photos: Area: South Inglewood Territory: Roughly between Crenshaw (west) and Van Ness (east) from 104th Street (north) to 109th (south). Deceased: Avenues in Peace (AIP) Killa wack Kayron Tookie 1 IceBerg BoBo BeReal Gwack 2 Kapone YgSpook Slow Mow, February 7, 2004 on 104th & Crenshaw Be-Bopp Watts Bishops Black P Stones-City Black P Stones-Jungles Blood Stone Pirus Blood Stone Villian Bounty Hunters 20 Arrested After Drug Raid in Watts, June 13, 2003, LA Times City Targets Gang in Nickerson Gardens, Aug 29, 2003, LA Times LAPD Officer Ambushed in Watts, November 25, 2003, Permanent Injunctions Placed on 2 Street Gangs, December 4, 2003 2 Officers, 1 Suspect Hurt in Watts Shootout, Decemeber 15, 2003, LA Times Police, feds launch raids on suspected gang members , January 21, 2004, Associated Press 41 Arrested in Police Sweep Through Nickerson Gardens, Jan 22, 2004, LA Times Plan goal: Halt attacks on L.A. officers , January 22, 2004, Copley News Service Campenella Park Piru Cedar Block Piru Center Park Blood Center View Piru Centinela Park Family Circle City Piru Crenshaw Mafia Gang Cross Atlantic Piru Dalton Gangster Blood (defunct) DBCP Denver Lane Blood Doty Block Gang Down Hood Mob East Compton Piru East Side Piru Elm Street Piru Family Swan Blood Fruit Town Brims Fruit Town Pirus Ghost Town/ES Pain Harvard Park Brim: Harvard Park Brims Affiliations:Blood, Westside Blood, Brim Sub Sets: 59, 61, and 62 City:Los Angeles Policing Agency:77th Division of the LAPD Abbreviation:HPB, SD HPB, SDB Allie(s):Their close allies are the Van Ness Gangsters, but there are allied with all Brims, which are located on the westside, which include the Fruit Town Brims and the now defunct Aliso Village Brims and the Unton Brims. They are also close with the Black P Stones in the Jungle but had a brief rivalry with them in 1996 when Wicked Wink was killed. Rival(s): Parks:Harvard Park Area: South LA Territory: Their territory is from Slauson (north) to 64th Street (south) betweeen Western Ave(west) and Vermont (east). The Slauson swapmeet is located in their turf near Western Ave, but the Rollin' 60s frequent this mall. Hawthorne Piru Holly Hood Pirus Inglewood Family Gang: Inglewood Family Affiliation:West Side Blood, Family Sub Sets: 77th Street, Rollin' 80s, 92nd Street, and 94th Street City:Inglewood Policing Agency: Inglewood Police Department, and a very small portion of their turf lies in the 77th Division of the LAPD. Abbreviation:IF, IFG, IFGB Allie(s):Crenshaw Mafia Blood Gang, Avenue Piru Gang, Queen Street, Center Park Blood and Centinela Park Family. Rival(s): Eight Tray Gangster Crips, the Rollin 90s, and Rollin' 60s are their main rivals. Other rivals include 102 Raymond Avenue Crips, Osage Legend Crips, and 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips. Parks:Darby Park Area: South LA, Morningside Territory: From Century (south) to 77th Street (north) between Van Ness (east) to Crenshaw (west). Part of their neighborhood extends west to the Inglewood Park Cemetary. Deceased Skooter, 2003 Boulevard Murder Rock Shakey Pumpkin A-Bay Kool Aid Lil Dougie from R80s (Devin Williams) Wiener (Jesse McCoy) Hay Baby Lil Bully Animal from 92 Kabbage Patch Piru Kalas Park Loks LDBlood Leuders Park Piru Lime Hood Piru Lynwood Mob Piru Mad Swan Blood Miller Gangster Bloods Mob Piru Neighbor Hood Pirus Neighborhood Pirus 145 Rollin 20s NeighborHood Blood Original Block Piru 151 Outlaw 20s Pacoima Pirus Parke Nine Bloods Pasadena Denver Lane ProJect Gangster Blood Pueblos, 52 Queen Street Blood Queen Street Blood 76 Block Samoan Warriors Bounty Hunters Scott Park Blood ScottsDale Piru Squiggly Lane Gangster Summit Street Bloods Tree Top Piru Ujima Village Bloods Van Ness Gangster Village Town Piru Water Front Piru Weirdoz Blood West Covina Mob West Side Piru - Compton West Side Piru - West Covina Hacienda Village Blood Asian Boyz, Westside (ABZ) Avenue Oxford Boys (AOB) Cambodian Boyz Korean Play Boys (KPB) LA Oriental Boys (LAOB) Mental BoyZ (MBZ) Oriental Lazy Boys (OLB) Rebel Boys (RBS) Silly Boys (SYB) Vietnamese Boys (V BOYS) Asian Boyz, Eastside (ABZ) Asian Boyz, Northside (ABZ) Korat Boys (KB) Asian Boyz, Van Nuys (ABZ) Pinoy Boys Gang (PBG) Seoul BoyZ (SBZ) Triad BoyZ (TBZ)