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D SQUARED (Don Charles & Deb Gessner) "Big Sky Full O Dumb Stars" Southwestern/Songwriter/Harp Independent CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00


ALLEN DAMRON "Texas Spirit . . . Live!" Designed as an education tool for Texas teachers, this is thoroughly entertaining as Allen's recordings always are! Includes "Come and Take It," "Calf Roping and Ballet," "I Love Texas Song," "Come to the Bower," "Twin Sisters," "The Alamo," "El Camino Real," "Rivers of Texas," "Aurora, Texas," "Saxon County Wildman," "Jalisco," "Just a Sign," "Sunday Way Up Yonder," "Heart of the Appaloosa," "Tears of the Lakota," "Suicide Song," "Mary Ellen Carter," "Cory Snow," "Way Out There," and more. AWD SOLD OUT

ALLEN WAYNE DAMRON "Cowboy Poetry - Old Time Cowboy Songs, New Time Cowboy Songs, Whimsy" Old time & new cowboy songs & whimsey from one of Texas’ best lovedperformers, a new favorite from a long time friend, don’t miss this one! Songs include Bill Ward's "Cowboys in Dallas," "From All of Us (personal)," "Tim Henderson's "Bleach Blondes and Broncos," "Lil' Ol' Mesquite (Little Joe)," "Little Joe the Wrangler," "Holding Pen" & "Jack Damron Story," "Daddy Jack," "Mi Corazon (Lucy)," Jim Daniel's "You Might Find Love," Emiliano's Endeavors," "Strawberry Roan," "Ridin' Drag," "Windy Bill," "Slim's Poem (Ridin' Pumpjacks)," "Streets of Lajitas," "Slim's Poem #2," "Goodnight Loving Trail," "Appliances," "Sarie Peaks," "Ode to a Gnarly Footed Bath Tub (Shorty)," Steven Fromholz' "Man in the Big Hat," "Three Old Cowboys," Tim Henderson & Allen's "Gringo Pistolero," and "Cookie's Poem." Independent SOLD OUT

ALLEN WAYNE DAMRON "35 Years - More of Not the Same, Vol. 2" More favorites from the career of this Texas Legend! Includes "Beethoven - a la banjo," "Didn't We Have Us a Ball," "Finnegan's Wake," "Risin' of the Moon," "The Wall," "Jalisco," "Holding Pen," "Goodnight Trail," "From All of Us," "San Antonio Rose," "Rivers of Texas," "Little Too Late," Tim Henderson's masterpiece "Maria Consuela Arroyo," "Tears of the Lakota," "Twin Sisters," "Nancy Whiskey," "Boy from the Country," and "This Land is Your Land." Independent (CD out of print) Cassette only: $10.00

ALLEN DAMRON "Irish Party" Some favorites a la Makem & Clancy from this Texan of Irish heritage! Includes "Nancy Whiskey,' "Roddy McCorley," "Lark on the Strand," "Kilgary Mountain," "Mick McGilligan's Dog," "Risin' of the Moon," "Finnegan's Wake," "Rocky Road to Dublin," "Johnson's Motor Car," and "Dick Durbin the Cobbler." Independent Cassette only: $8.00

ALLEN DAMRON "Sweeping Up Dreams" This is a long time favorite album, filled with truly exceptional songs, most from the pen of Tim Henderson. Includes "Wind Don't Blow in San Antone," "Spanish Silver," "Maria Consuela Arroyo," "Old San Marcos," "Majado," "Austin in the Summer," "Dust," "Shootin' Fish in a Barrel," "The Gringo Pistolero," and "Old Cowboys." Independent Cassette: $8.00

ALLEN DAMRON "A. Wayne Rides Again" Another favorite, this includes "Heart of the Appaloosa," "Ode to Joy," "Sheila," "Preacher and Me," "A Little Too Late," Bobby Bridger's Kerrville anthem "Heal in the Wisdom," "Loving of the Game," "The Wall," "Should on You," "Over the Rainbow," David Rea's "Just a Sign," & Stan Roger's "Mary Ellen Carter." Independent Cassette: $8.00

ALLEN DAMRON "Come to The Bower" Includes David Rea's "Suicide Song," "Come to the Bower," "Heart Alone," "Should On Me," "Ididarod Trail," "Prudhoe Bay," "Streets of Lajitas," "Corey Snow," "Yuppity Do Da," and "Heart of the Appaloosa." Independent Cassette only: $8.00

ALLEN DAMRON "Country" A little more of a pop sound to this one, excellent as always. Songs include: "Two of a Kind," "Louisiana Rose," "Yancey Cole," "Money," "Other Side of the Hill," "Jesus, Pride and Dixie," "Genevieve," "Mescal Wine," "Suburban Cowboy," and "Take Ol' Mama Dancin'." (Also available on LP - $5.00) Independent Cassette: $8.00 LP: $10.00

ALLEN DAMRON "Silver" More wonderful songs from current writers, & wonderful entertainment. Includes "Tears of the Lakota," "Aurora, Texas," "Home on the Range," Stan Rogers' "Mary Ellen Carter," Jim Daniel's "Brother James T." "Behind the Boom," "Castle Walls," James Keelaghan's "Fires of Calais," "Lamp Lady," "Can't Tell the Bums from the Rodeo Stars," "Rio De Lagrimas," David Rea's "Just a Sign," "Never Play in Kerrville," and "Way Out Here." Independent SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON "Storytelling 1: The Culturan Ranch (El Rancho Cultural)" Pure fun! Includes "Good Ol' Friends," "O.B. Jones," "Tea Party," "Ice Cream Party," "Filet of Sole," "Frog Legs," "Chocolate Mousee," "High Jump," "Marathon," "Equestrian," "Rowing," "Bobsled," "Cookie," "Federal Reserve," "Puppy Breath," and "Turkeys." Independent SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON "Border Trash" Includes "Jalisco," "El Camino Real," "Spanish is the Loving Tongue," "Once More, Maria," "The Mexican Eagle," "Adelita," "Dallas Monday Morning," "Tequila, Sheila," "Malaguena Salarosa," "Guantanamera," "Maria Consuela," "Kissing the Worm," "Spanish Silver," and "Deportee". SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON "Songs for Kids (of all ages)" Includes: "Take Me for a Ride in the Car-Car," "Heaven for Balloons," "Sneakers Like Mine," "This Land is Your Land," "Clean-O," "Ha-Ha This-A-Way," "Down in Arkansas," "Fatal Curse of Drink," "Marvelous Toy," "Catch Another Butterfly," "Abi-Yo-Yo," "Horse Named Bill," "Two Short Songs on Marriage," "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream." SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON "In Between - In Loving Memory 1939 to 2005" Includes "Loving of the Game," "Heart of the Appaloosa," "Heal in the Wisdom," "Pour Me Another Tequila, Sheila," "Maria Consuela Arroyo," "Jalisco," "Nightrider's Lament," "Mary Ellen Carter," "Just a Sign," "Didn't We Have Us A Ball," "Come to the Bower," "Over the Rainbow," "Ode to Joy," "The Gringo Pistolero," "Another I Love Texas Song," "Texas in His Ways," "Should On You," "Cup of Coffee," and "Heaven for Balloons". SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON "Texican" Includes "The Alamo," "Come to the Bower," "The Preacher & Me," "Rivers of Texas," "El Rancho Grande," "Out to Catch a Cowboy," "Full Texas Moon," "The Man That I Am," "Nightrider's Lament," and "Didn't We Have Us a Ball". SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON "Texas In His Ways" Includes "My Creole Belle," "Fort Worth Medley," "Here Comes Another I Love Texas Song," "Bottomless Well," "Gypsies," "Texas in His Ways," and the "National Anthem". SOLD OUT

DAMRON & FOWLER "Campfires of Calm" Allen Damron & Vicki Fowler team up for some of those rousers that have blown away Kerrville audiences! Pure joy, don’t miss this one. Includes "Midnight Special," Tim Henderson's "Lucky As You," "Men of Harlic," "Night Rider's Lament," "Tumblin' Tumble Weeds," "I Heard a Forest," "Jalisco," "Enchanted Forest," "Early Mornin' Rain," "Come Into My Kitchen,"and "Danny Boy." Independent Cassette only: $10.00

ALLEN DAMRON & BILL WARD "Heroes, Sheroes and other Life Stories" Damron teams with Houston songwriter Bill Ward for some superb songs & some excellent singing from both! Includes "Twin Sisters," "White Bark," "Go For It," "Whiskey," "Anna," "Imagineer," "Not Me!" "Cowboy and the Lady," "Back to Back," "Fireline, "Angel Shoes," and "Denmark 1943." Independent Cassette only: SOLD OUT

ALLEN DAMRON See also the video "Live at the Texas Music Cafe" under videos. (SOLD OUT)

GUY DAVIS "Call Down the Thunder" Includes "Georgia Jelly Roll," "I Got the Power," "When You Got a Good Friend," "Long Train," "Run Sinner Run," "Mama's Gonna Fix It Right," "Jelly Bone Jelly," "See Me When You Can," "Gee the Mule," "Minglewood Blues," "Thanksgiving Day," "The Road is Calling," "New Shoes." CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

NOEMI DeBORA "Impressions" Soul, blues & a rock edge from a dynamic European singer. Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $12.00

ALICE DIMICELE "Demons & Angels" West coast singer-songwriter/Contemporary Alice Otter Music CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

ALICE DIMICELE "Searching" West Coast Contemporary Singer-songwriter, Women's & Topical Alice Otter CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Global Village Garage" This recent recording includes "Just to Hold You Through the Night," "Rocking to the Rhythm of the World," "Gator Bait," "Going to the Roundhouse," "Sweet Spot," "A Place Called Idaho," "Back to the Island," "Lonesome Riding Shotgun," "Ruester's Song," "The Long Liner," "Ballad of Chipita and Karla Faye," "String Along With You," "Long Gone Love Song," "Blues With No Reason," "and "They Call It Music City." Independent CD only: Was $17.00, now $15.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Doppelgaenger" CD only: Was $17.00, now $15.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Salty Songs" Texas country folk originals Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Love Only Love" Texas Legend/Songwriter Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Amigos - Richard Dobson sings Townes Van Zandt" Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

RICHARD DOBSON "One Bar Town" Texas Legend/Songwriter Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Back Tracks: Save the World/True West" Two classic lps on one CD! RJD CD only: $15.00

RICHARD DOBSON & STATE OF THE HEART "Hearts & Rivers" 20 cuts, Texas Songwriter Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

RICHARD DOBSON "Blue Collar Blues" CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

See also Richard Dobson's classic first release on LP on the LPs page! "In Texas Last December" - the original pressing!

TERESA DOYLE "Cradle on the Waves - Lullabies and Slow Aires" Cradle on the Waves is a translation of "Abegweit", the MicMac name for Prince Edward Island. This collection of lyrical melodies features the haunting and ethereal voice of celtic singer Teresa Doyle. "Cradle on the Waves" captures the tranquility of an evening's walk on the beach or the serenity of a sleeping child. Includes the title song, "Green Grow the Rushes," "A Chuachag Nam Beann," "The Old Turf Fire," " Dream Angus," "La Nouricce Du Roi," "Sleep Song," "The Maid of Coolmore," "And Summer Faire," "Lagan Love," and "A Lullabye." Bedlam CD only: Was $15.00, now $13.00

DULCAMERA "Dulcamera" Italian folk group Independent Cassette only: was $ 8.00, now $6.00

KAT EGGLESTON "First Warm Wind" CD: $15.00 Cassette: $6.00

KAT EGGLESTON "Outside Eden" CD: $15.00

KAT EGGLESTON "Second Nature" CD: $15.00

KAT EGGLESTON & KATE MCLEOD "Drawn From the Well" CD: $16.00

JASON EKLUND "Lost Causeway" Contemporary folk singer songwriter Flying Fish CD only: $16.00

JASON EKLUND & ROGER JOHNSON "A Streamliner's Duet" Folk/Blues/Songwriter Gadfly CD only: $15.00

RAMBLIN JACK ELLIOTT "The Long Ride" New songs & old from one of folk's legendary performers Hightone CD only: $17.00

ELWOOD & GALIGER "Rolling Valentine" TX Singer-Songwriter duo Dejadisc Out of print CD only: $14.00

ENDLESS AVENUE "direction Nashville" with Richard Dobson, Townes Van Zandt, Joe Sun and more, songs by Ernst Eggenburger Contemporary Folk influenced Country Brambus CD only: $15.00

ENNIS SISTERS “It’s Not About You” Songs on this new 2003 release include “Turn Up the Radio,” “Knocks Me Off My Feet,” “Somebody Somewhere,” “It’s Not About You,” “I’d Never Walk Away,” “All Over Again,” “Kiss Him,” “If Only,” “Without You,” “Leaving On My Mind,” “October Wind,” “So Many Angels,” “It’s Not About You (remix),” “I’d Never Walk Away (remix),” and “Without You (remix).” Rounder CD only: $16.00

MARK ERELLI "Compass & Companion" Includes "Ghost," "Miracle Man," "Little Sister," "Almost Home" Signature Sounds CD only: $15.00

MARK ERELLI "Mark Erelli" Boston singer-songwriter, guests Louise Taylor, Susan Tedeschi, more! Signature Sounds CD only: $15.00

EVANS & DOHERTY "Road Not Taken" A top-notch Irish-Canadian duo based in Halifax Evandoh CD: $15.00 Cassette: $ 9.00

EVANS & DOHERTY "Sailors on the Asphalt Sea" Irish Canadian, includes Stan Rogers song "Acadian Saturday Night" CD: $15.00

EVANS & DOHERTY "Live at the Lunenburg Folk Festival" Kevin & Brian at home in the Maritimes Independent Cassette only: $ 9.00

EVANS & DOHERTY "Silver Sea" Here is a long time favorite from this Irish/Canadian Maritime duo. Independent Cassette only: $ 9.00

KEVIN EVANS "3 Lazy Days" A solo outing from half of the superb Evans & Doherty duo. Evansong Cassette only: $ 9.00

STEPHEN FEARING "Industrial Lullaby" Raised in Ireland & Canada, an absolutely stunning performer/writer! Red House CD only: $16.00

FIGGY DUFF "Down Stream" From Newfoundland's wonderful Celtic band! Amber Music CD only: $15.00

ALISA FINEMAN "Better With Time" Contemporary folk Singer-Songwriter from N. California Humming Bird CD only: $15.00

ALISA FINEMAN "Cup of Kindness" Earlier album by this wonderful California singer/songwriter now on CD CD only: $15.00

CATHY FINK & MARCY MARXER "Voice on the Wind" A favorite! Contemporary folk, singer/songwriter Rounder CD only: $16.00

CATHY FINK & MARCY MARXER "Blanket Full of Dreams" Lullabies from this award winning duo! Rounder Kids CD only: $15.00

ARCHIE FISHER "Sunsets I've Galloped Into" A masterpiece of Scottish folk, with Garnet Rogers! Red House Cassette: Was $ 9.00, now $7.00

ARCHIE FISHER & GARNET ROGERS “Off the Map” It’s been a long wait for a CD release of this favorite recording from Scotland’s Archie Fisher and Canada’s Garnet Rogers, but it is finally available. Includes: “Borderland,” “The Mosstrooper’s Lament,” “The Long and Lonely Winter,” “The Winter it is Past,” “The Laird of Udny,” “Lassie O’ The Morning,” “Joy of My Heart,” “Ettrick,” “Mallie Leigh,” “The Final Trawl,” “The Boatie Rows,” “The Last Leviathan,” and “Rolling Home.” A must have! Snowgoose CD only: $18.00

STEVE FISHER "A Boy's Life in Texas" Singer-Songwriter/Contemporary folk Waterbug CD only: was $14.00, now $10.00

MICHAEL FRACASSO "World (in a drop of water)" "..sings his poetic & picturesque compositions with palpable emotion. CD only: was $15.00, now $12.00

DENICE FRANKE "Comfort" New from this Texas artist, produced by Eric Taylor, includes "Little Bit of Poison," "Hard Comin' Home," "Morning Glories," "To the Light," "Friends Out There," "Dance to the Moon," more. Certain Records CD only: $15.00

DENICE FRANKE "You Don't Know Me" "..a sensitive & compelling singer & songwriter" - Lyle Lovett. Produced by Eric Taylor, she's shared the stage with Nanci Griffith, Lovett, E Taylor, Hal Ketchum, John Gorka... Independent CD only: $15.00

JUDITH KATE FRIEDMAN "Count Me In" Contemporary folk, some topical from this charming California writer. CD only: Was $14.00, now $10.00

FUNNY HILL "Cowboy Boots" Swiss group doing excellent American Country Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $10.00

FUNNY HILL "Live in Nashville, Joe's Village Inn" Swiss Country band Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $10.00

FUNNY HILL "Bordertown" More American country from this fine Swiss band Brambus CD only: Was $15.00, now $10.00