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SIC: Reuben | ASIC: Alex H | ASIC: Adam | AIC: Mr. Chiang| Date: 10/07/2006 | Place: USS Panpanito, San Francisco, CA, USA
From :  Alex
Sent :  Sunday, September 24, 2006 4:43 PM 
To :  troop 
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Head Count 

Hello Troop,

As you know, the Pampanito Campout is going to be the week after next week, so patrol leaders,
could you please send the the headcount for your patrol? Thanks! And I was also wondering,
for the snacks, will watermelon, chips, ramen, and soda be okay?



From :  Adam
Sent :  Sunday, September 24, 2006 9:54 PM 
To :  troop 
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Pampanito Info 

Dear all,
For the overnight trip, everybody is required to bring everything you need to bush your teeth,
remove contacts. ect. Sleeping bag and pillow, and dinner (no cooking allowed). The Rules of conduct
are here
Also, more info on the overnight program is here
PS Be sure to get your permission slip in by the first TM of October and tell the patrol leader
if you are going or not. PLs, tell Reuben how many people are going ASAP.

From :  Adam
Sent :  Sunday, September 24, 2006 10:06 PM 
To :  troop 
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Pampanito Wavier Form 

Dear all,
This is the waiver form and it is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not turn this in, you will not be able
to go to the trip even if you turn in all your money and your permission slip. Also, you have two
chances to turn in the permission slip and the waiver from, at the PLC and at the 1st TM of October.
You can turn it into Reuben, Alex, or me.

Waiver and Medical Form 

From :  reuben 
Sent :  Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:48 PM 
To :  troop 

Hi troop
This is the new updated agenda and permission slip. Sorry for the last minute change.
You may turn in the previous permission slip if you already filled it out.
If you didn't yet turn it in then use this one if able before OCTOBER 7th 2006. THANK YOU!!!!
SIC Reuben

From :  Adam 
Sent :  Monday, October 2, 2006 6:47 PM 
To :  T453 Mail Group  
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Pampanito Agenda and Packing List 

Dear all,
The enclosed has the modified agenda and the packing list for both Fleetweek and Pampanito.
If you are only going to one of them, then ignore the other. 
1. Important- Please turn in the permission slip and the waiver form   this troop meeting 
2. At Pampanito, do NOT BRING you hiking back packs, the only pack you can bring is a day
pack at the submarine does not have any extra space
ASIC Adam 
Things to Bring
From :  Adam 
Sent :  Tuesday, October 3, 2006 9:25 PM 
To :  T453 Mail Group 
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Pampanito and Fleetweek Headcount 

Dear T453,
The attached file is the headcount that i have right now of everybody going to
Pampanito and Fleetweek. This is including the adults who can stay overnight,
coming in the morning, coming in the afternoon, or drop-off only. For the scouts coming
for Pampanito only, please contact Mr. Chiang if you do not have a ride. If your parent
can drive, please let us know too.

For dinner, due to the crowd over there, it is better that we divide into small groups
of 5-6 scouts with 1 adult to go eat dinner. If you are coming late, please either eat
dinner before hand or eat by yourself with your car group. 

If there are any mistakes in the attendance list, please let me us know by e-mail. Also
if you are leaving in the afternoon, be sure to leave early and arrive at Pier 45 at 6:20PM. 

ASIC Adam 

Name                    Fleet week &Pampanito       Pampanito only     Parent       Driving
Charlton                                            1		
Philip                                              1		
William                 1			
Robert                  1                                              Mr.Peng      7AM
Reuben 	                                            1		
Brian 	                                            1                  Mrs. Kang    PM

Michael                 1			
Jeffrey                 1                                              Iris Cheng (Possible)	
Ruiqi                   1			
Robert                                              1		
Eric                    1                                              Mr. Sun      7AM
Jordan                  1			
Adam                    1                                              Mrs. Zhang   7Am

William                 1                                              Mrs. Shu     7AM
Alex                    1			
Wesley                  1			

Kevin                   1			
Alex                    1			
Alvin                                               1                  Mr. Chiang (Drop off only)
Yichuan                 1                                              Mr. Dong     7AM
Justin                  1			
Aaron                   1			
Dennis                                              1		

Total                  16                           7                  6            7AM(5)

From :  Adam Z
Sent :  Wednesday, October 4, 2006 4:52 PM 
To :  T453 Mail Group 
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Pampanito and Fleetweek Weather 

Dear all,
We have checked the weather for Saturday and Sunday and so far, its all good weather.
Yay. Also, since there are fireworks at night for Fleetweek,
the Pampanito staff has made room in the agenda for us to come outside and watch them. 

ASIC Adam 

Things to Bring
New Permission Slip
Waiver and Medical Form (absolutely needed)