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Eniko Horvath

I joined the group in January 1998.

I started folk dancing in Hungary in 1982. I tried Hungarian and Greek first, and I liked the rhythm and atmosphere of the Greek folk clubs more. After a while, I "graduated" to the more advanced and more difficult Eastern European dances - Serb, Macedonian, Bulgarian. I danced in a Bulgarian folk group in Hungary for a short time as well.

After I moved to the USA, I started to go to Michael Ginsburg's Friday and Wednesday night dancings. There I met Virginia and Carol, then both members of Bosilek, and they invited me to join the group.

I really enjoy being in the group. I like performing, and sharing the joy of dancing with other people.

In "real life", I am an assistant professor at Mercy College, teaching ESL.

My newest hobby is WEB-site development. I have a work web-site, and a personal WEB-site. I also designed the WEB-site of the New York Hungarian House, as well as this WEB-site.