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01/11/69 San Fracisco, Ca 1CD SNDBRD A-(lossless download from
01/26/69 Boston, MA B- aud. (CDR copy of "Killing Floor")(lossless download from
03/14/69 Miami, Fl C+ aud. (5 songs only used as filler on Dylan 6/11/04)
03/14/69 Stockholm??? sndbrd 1CD (filler on Springsteen 8/14/75)
04/24/69 San Francisco CA.- Fillmore West 1CD A audience (CD-R copy of "Fillmore West '69")(speed problems in "White Summer")
04/27/69 San Francisco, Ca A SNDBRD & some audience (lossless download from
05/19/69 Boston, Ma B (incomplete...only 3 songs...used as filler on Dylan 3/12/95)
10/10/69 Paris A- FM (used as filler on Waits 10/27/07)
11/06/69 San Francisco, Ca B+ aud. (lossless download from
11/07/69 San Francisco, Ca B aud. (lossless download from
01/09/70 London U.K. 1CD A Sndbrd partial (from "The Lost Mixes Vol. 7) ( 3/06)
01/09/70 London U.K. 1CD B+ Sndbrd (from "The Royal Albert Hall" by Red Robin)
02/21/70 Vancouver, BC A- FM 1CD (remastered non vinyl tape source) (used as filler on Dylan 3/14/95)(

03/14/70 Monteaux, Switzerland 1CD A- aud. (from "We're Gonna Groove)
04/17/70 Phoenix, AZ C- (from"Desert Storm")
08/21/70 Tusla, OK C aud. (from "You Gotta Be Cool")
09/02/70 Oakland, Ca B (lossless download from
09/04/70 Los Angeles, Ca aud. B+ (from " Live on Blueberry Hill" by Genuine Masters)(lossless download from
00/00/71 "Lost Mixes EP Vol 1" 1CD (used as filler on Dylan 6/7/95)

06/03/71 Copenhagen, Den. B+ aud. (from "Poles and Sticks")
08/23/71 Forth Worth, Tx 1CD A- aud. (from "Hot August Night")
08/31/71 Orlando, Fl. 2CDs some audience some Sndbrd A-/B (CD-R copy of "Florida Sunshine" by Empress Valley)
09/04/71 Toronto, Canada 1CD A- Sndbrd (from "Jennings Farm Blues")
09/09/71 Hampton, VA A- Sndbrd (lossless download from
09/14/71 Berkeley, CA B+ aud. (from vinyl boot "Going To California") (lossless download from
09/29/71 Osaka, Japan 3CDs B+ aud. (from "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes")
11/11/71 Newcastle, UK B aud. (from "Newastle Brown Ale") (lossless download from
11/25/71 Leicester, UK 3CDs B+ aud. (from "Best for Hard 'N' Heavy")(lossless download from
00/00/71 "Hey Hey What Can I Sing" early pre vocal mixes & alt. 'Levee Breaks' 1CD A (lossless download from
02/20/72 Melbourne, Aus. B+ aud. (from "Melbourne Masters")
06/18/72 Seattle Wash. 1CD B+ aud. (from "Trouble in Vancouver")
06/22/72 San Bernardino B+ aud. (from "Born To Be Wild")
06/28/72 Tuscon, AZ (from "Cashing Revelry") (incomplete...only 5 songs...used as filler on Dylan 3/11/95)
01/07/73 Oxford, UK A- sndbrd ("Oxford 1973" TDOLZ)( 7/06)
01/14/73 Liverpool, Eng. B+ Sndbrd (from "Days of Heaven")
01/15/73 Stoke, Eng. B+ Sndbrd (from Live In Stoke Vol. 1 & 2)
01/15/73 Stoke, Eng. A- Sndbrd (from "ZD Vol 4")
01/16/73 Aberystwyth, UK 1CD B- aud (2 songs) (from "Strange Affinity")(lossless download from
01/22/73 Southhampton, UK A+ (multi-track soundboard)(dime 8/07)
03/16/73 Vienna, Austria B+ aud. (from "ZD Vol 4")
03/17/73 Munich, Ger. 3CD B aud. (from "ZD Vol 4")
03/21/73 Hamburg, Ger. 1CD A- sndbrd fragments of 3 songs (from "Baby I Don't Care")
03/22/73 Essen, Ger. (1 song filler on Waits 5/30/00)

03/24/73 Offenburg, Ger. 3CDs B+ aud. (from"Cold Sweat")
04/02/73 Paris, France (only "Stairway to Heaven")(used as filler on 7/20/05 Dylan)

05/13/73 Mobile, Al. A Sndbrd (CD-R copy of "Mobile Dick")
05/14/73 New Orleans, LA A- Sndbrd (from "Johhny Piston and the Dogs")
05/16/73 Houston, TX 1CD A Sndbrd (5 songs)(from "Going Down")(lossless download from
05/19/73 Fort Worth, TX A Sndbrd (from "Tympani For The Butterqueen")
05/26/73 Salt Lake City, UT Sbdbrd (CD-R from "Salt Lake City 1973")
05/28/73 San Diego, CA Sndbrd A (from "San Diego 1973")
05/31/73 Inglewood, Ca Sndbrd A- (from "Bonzo's Birthday Party" by Watch Tower)
06/02/73 San Francisco, Ca sndbrd 1CD A ("Mary Kezar") (incomplete..5 songs..used as filler on Dylan 10/19/94)
07/15/73 Buffalo, NY A sndbrd (from "Where the Zeppelin Roam")
07/17/73 Seattle A sndbrd (CD-R of "V 1/2")
07/29/73 New York, NY 3CDs B+ sndbrd (from "Grand Finale")(lossless download from
01/12/75 Brussels, Belgium C+ aud. (from "It's Time to Travel Again")
02/12/75 MSG, New York 3CDs A+ Sndbrd (from "Led Zeppelin's Flying Circus")
02/28/75 Baton Rouge 3CDs B+ aud. (from "Led Astray")
03/04/75 Dallas, Tex. 1CD A sndbrd (from "Dallas 1975")
03/14/75 San Diego, Ca 3CDs A+ sndbrd (from "Consipiracy Theory" by Empress Valley")(lossless download from
03/17/75 Seattle, wa B_ aud. (CD "Seattle Won't You Listen")
03/19/75 Vancouver, BC A+ sndbrd (from "Snow Job" by Empress Valley)(remastered by thril13en)(dime 3/07)
03/21/75 Seattle, WA 3CDS B+ aud. (from "The Hammer of the Gods Last Stand")(lossless download from
03/24/75 Inglewood, Ca. B+ aud. (from "Deep Throught I") (incomplete...8 songs...used as filler on Dylan 6/18/88)
03/25/75 Inglewood, Ca. B+ aud. (from "Revenge of the Butterqueen" and "Sex Machine and the ButterQueen")
05/24/75 Earl's Court, England 4CDs A mostly Sndbrd (from "To Be A Rock And Not To Roll")
05/25/75 Earl's Court, England 4CDs A mostly Sndbrd (from "The Zeppelin Express Physical Rocket")
04/06/77 Chicago, IL C+ 1CD (from "the Great Chicago Fire")(only 6 songs used as filler on 1/9/70)
04/07/77 Chicago, IL C+ 1CD (from "the Great Chicago Fire")(only 6 songs used as filler on 1/9/70)
04/27/77 Cleveland, OH A+ Sndbrd (from "Destroyer" by Archive)
05/22/77 Fort Worth, Tex. 3CDs B aud. (from "It'll Be Zep")
05/22/77 Fort Worth, Tex 1CD A- aud. (from "Songs of the South")
05/25/77 Landover, Maryland 1 C aud. (only 3 songs used as filler on Waits 4/19/74)
05/26/77 Landover, Maryland 3CDs A Sndbrd (from "Bringing The House Down" by Empress Valley)
05/28/77 Landover, Maryland 3CDs A- Sndbrd (from "The Powhatan Confederacy" by Empress Valley)(dime 12/07)
05/30/77 Landover, Maryland 3CDs B aud. (from copy of "Running on Pure Heart & Soul")
06/19/77 San Diego, Ca. 3CDs B+ aud. (from "Californian Mystery Train")
06/21/77 Inglewood, Ca. 3CDs A- aud. (from "Listen to this Eddie" by Empress Valley [Xmas Edition])
(lossless download from
06/21/77 Inglewood, Ca. 3CDs A aud. (from "Mike The Mike" masters) (lossless download from
06/22/77 Inglewood, Ca. C (4 songs used as filler on Wallflowers 10/29/96)
06/23/77 Inglewood, Ca. 3CDs A aud. (from "For Badgeholders Only" by Balboa)
06/25/77 Inglewood, Ca. 3CDs A- aud. (from "Mike Millard Thanks" masters) (lossless download from
06/26/77 Inglewood, Ca. 3CDs B aud. (from "Sundazed" by Silver Rarities)
06/27/77 Inglewood, Ca. 3CDs A- aud. (from "Farewell to LA" by White Rabbit)
07/17/77 Seattle, WA 3CDs A- sndbrd (from "Kingdome Come")

00/00/00 random rare songs C+ - A (used as filler on Dylan 6/8/04)

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