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Tom Waits

*everything is 2CDs unless noted*

08/12/73 & 6/10/74 & 1/12/75 KPFA Folk Scene Sessions A-

04/19/74 San Diego, Ca 1CD FM A- ( 3/06)

10/08/74 Ebbets Feild 1CD A sndbrd (wolf remaster 2003)

11/10/74 Cambridge, Ma 1CD A sndbrd ("Foggy Night")

02/19/75 Ebbets Feild, Denver, Col. 1CD A+ ("wolf remaster 2003 Vol. 5")

04/22/75 the Bottom Line, New York 1CD A- ( 4/05)

10/25/75 Arlington, TX B+ aud. 1CD (dime 1/07)

??/??/75 Granada Theater, Santa Barbara, Ca aud. A- (2nd version used as filler on Dylan 2/2/99) (

12/16/75 Minneapolis, Minn. A 1CD 14 songs KQRS-FM

04/07/76 NYU, New York B+ (from master)( 7/06)

04/16/76 Princeton University, New Jersey 1CD B-

05/26/76 Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1CD A- (5 songs)

10/24/76 Faces Club, Dallas, TX 1CD 75mins A- radio (newer more complete version)

11/13/76 Erinson Kiva, Lansing, Det. B-

11/14/76 Royal Oaks Theater, Detroit C+ 1CD

11/21/76 Ivanhoe Theater, Chicago 1CD A- sndbrd

12/13/76 Cleveland A+ 1CD (great transfer from Pre-FM reels) (dime 12/06)

12/14/76 WNEW FM, New York 1CD A ("Nighthawks on the Radio")

00/00/76 "CBC Great Canadian Goldrush", Canada 1CD A-(interview with the album versions of songs)

01/08/77 Tokyo, Japan B-

01/15/77 Osaka, Japan C+

04/26/77 Bremen, Germany 1CD A+ "wolf remaster 2003 Vol. 1" FM broadcast

??/??/77 Hamburg, Ger. 1CD A sndbrd ("Every Time I Hears this Melody")

10/01/77 Seatte, Wash. 1CD B

10/10/77 Roslyn, NY, NY A 2CDs (Pre-FM feed) ( 10/05)

10/07/78 Seattle, WA 1CD audience A-

11/02/77 Memphis, TN A- sndbrd 1CD ( 4/05)

11/05/78 Raleigh, NC 1CD B aud.

11/21/78 Washington D.C. B+ (from 12/04)

??/??/78 Huntington Beach, CA 1CD B

12/05/78 "Austin City Limits" 1CD A+ (perfect transfer)

12/13/78 San Diego, CA 1CD A- (KGB-FM broadcast)

00/00/79 BBC TV "Tonight In Person" B 1CD

04/19/79 Rotterdam, Ger. audience B+ 1CD (used as filler on Dylan 2/6/90)

04/27/79 Palace Theatre, Paris, France 1CD A- (2 different sources on one CD)

05/02/79 Sidney, Aust. 1CD A+ (Wolf Remaster 2003)

10/08/79 Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO B+ sndbrd (also seen as KC 1981)

11/15/79 Beacon Theater, New York 1 CD A (remastered version 12/04 on

02/23/81 Montreal Jazz Festival 1CD B+ ("Shadows of Intolerance")

03/21/81 London B (hissy)

03/23/81 London B- (lots of hiss)

09/24/81 Christchurch, New Zealand B+ (speed corrected version of "Pascal's remaster) ( 7/05)

00/00/85 "A Conversation with Tom Waits" about Raindogs LP (used as filler on 8/9/06)( 8/06) 10/14/85 Edinburg, Scotland B-

10/17/85 London, UK 1CD B-

10/23/85 London, UK B- (hissy)

10/24/85 London, UK B+

10/27/85 Goteborg, Sweden B

10/28/85 Oslo, Norway B

10/29/85 Stockholm, Sweden B

10/30/85 Malmo, Sweden B+

11/02/85 Berlin, Ger. B+ ( 6/06)

11/03/85 Hamburg, Ger. B (*track change skips)

11/04/85 Amsterdam, the Netherlands B

11/05/85 Nijmegen, Holland B+

11/07/85 Zwolle, Holland A- ("Jockey Full of Bourbon")

11/08/85 Rotterdam, the Netherlands B+ (newer extended version)

11/10/85 Utrech, Holland B
11/10/85 Utrech, Holland B+ (remaster) (incomlete) (dime 5/07)

11/11/85 Brussels, Belgium B+ (some hiss)

11/12/85 Franfurt, Germany B

11/16/85 Paris, FR B+ 1CD (not from "Paris at Midnight")(dime 3/08)

11/20/85 Beacon Theatre, New York (small digi flaws) B+

11/21/85 Beacon Theatre, New York B

11/23/85 Beverley Theater, LA A- (early show)

11/23/85, Beverley Theatre, LA B+ (better sound than below but incomplete) 1CD (late show)

11/23/85, Beverley Theatre, LA (B+ but hissy) (newer complete version) (late show)

12/25/85 Swedish Radio interview 1CDs A

06/17/86 "Frank's Wild Years" the Play - Chicago, Ill. B

00/00/87 Frank's Wild Years Interview 1CDs B

10/06/87 Toronto, Ontario A ("Dutch Dogs" Remaster)
10/06/87 Toronto, Ontario B+ (unremastered)

10/07/87 Toronto, Ontario A ("Dutch Dogs" Remaster)
10/07/87 Toronto, Ontario A- (unremastered)

10/08/87 Toronto, Canada B

10/10/87 Montreal, Canada B+ (*surfaced in '99. trader claimed it was a master)

10/11/87 Montreal, Canada B- (early show)

10/11/87 Montreal, Canada B- (late show)

10/15/87 New York A- (master tape -> DAT -> CDR)

10/16/87 New York B+ 1CD

10/18/87 New York B+

10/20/87 Boston B+ (newer complete version)

10/21/87 Washington D.C. B

10/22/87 Washington D.C. B+

10/26/87 Ann Arbor, MI B+ (newer version)

11/01/87 Minneapolis B+ - A- *(known upgade is circulating, I only have disc 2 of the upgrade)

11/01/87 Minneapolis B+ (low gen tranfer dime 10/07)

11/05/87 San Francisco, Ca A-
11/05/87 San Francisco, Ca A- (speed corrected version)

11/06/87 San Francisco, Ca A-

11/00/87 direct soundtrack of the Film "Big Time" A+ (very different than the "Big Time" album)

11/09/87 Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles A-

11/17/87 Dublin, Ire. B B

11/19/87 London B+

11/27/87 Stockholm, Sweden A-

12/05/87 Hamburg, Germany A- (master tape!)( 11/06))

12/05/87 Hamburg, Germany A+ (master tape!)( 8/06))

12/07/87 Berlin, Ger. A- (1st gen transfer) ( 7/05)

12/08/87 Berlin, Ger. B+ (newer complete version)
12/08/87 Berlin, Ger. B+ (another version from mastertape) 10/??/88 WNEW radio interview (2 songs performed) 1CD A

12/31/88 Los Angeles, Ca

12/30/90 San Jose, Ca B+ (dime 10/07)

12/31/90 San Francisco B+

00/00/92 "Bone Machine: The Operator’s Manual" promo CD 1CD A

00/00/93 "Black Rider" Demos 1CD A- (vinyl source)( 5/06)

02/04/96 Oakland, CA A-

08/11/96 Healdsburg, CA 1CD A- (very good recording but lots of hiss)
08/11/96 Healdsburg, CA 1CD A+ (track changes not smooth) (

01/15/98 The Black Rider 1CD A (incomplete..only 7 Waits on the recording)

03/29/98 Los Angeles A- 1CD

03/31/98 KCRW interview "Morning Becomes Eclectic"(Includes 3 songs)A 1CD

03/17/99 "Mule Conversations" promo interview CD - 1CD A+

03/20/99 Austin, TX - SxSW show A- (audience recording)
03/20/99 Austin, TX - SxSW show A (digital soundboard -> "Wolf Remaster VOl. 8")

06/09/99 Oakland, CA A-

06/10/99 Oakland, CA A-

07/16/99 Berlin, Ger. A-

07/17/99 Berlin, Ger. A-

07/20/99 The Hague 2CDs A- ("Whiskey In a Jar")

07/23/99 Florence, Italy, A

07/24/99 Florence, Italy, A+ (Italian Radio Broadcast)

08/23/99 Toronto, Canada A (taper missed the first 20 seconds of "Time". complete version from another source)

08/23/99 Toronto, Canada A- (alt. tape)(

08/24/99 Toronto, Canada.

08/26/99 Chicago, Ill. A (recording dropouts first few songs)
08/26/99 Chicago, Ill. A (alt recording..."16th row")(

08/27/99 Chicago, Ill. A (recording dropouts first few songs)

08/29/99 Minneapolis, MN. B+

08/30/99 Minneapolis, MN. B+

09/19/99 Boston, MA A (master aud. DAT)(dime 3/07)
09/19/99 Boston, MA A- (alt. ECM-717 master aud. )(dime 9/07)
09/19/99 Boston, MA A (UMM recording)(dime 4/08)

09/20/99 Boston, MA B+ (dime 3/08)

09/21/99 Boston, MA A- (cassette-> CDR)(dime 3/07)
09/21/99 Boston, MA A- (Unwanted Man Music recording)(dime 3/08)

09/23/99 New York A-

09/24/99 New York A-

09/25/99 New York A

09/27/99 New York, NY B (5 songs used as filler on 6/25/08)

10/12/99 Denver CO A

10/13/99 KBCO-FM Radio, Boulder, CO 1CD

10/15/99 Eugene, OR A-

10/17/99 Vancouver, BC, A+ 1CD (CBC Radio broadcast, some songs not broadcast)

10/17/99 Vancouver, BC A- (complete audience recording)

10/18/99 Seattle, WA A

10/19/99 Seattle A-

10/30/99 Mt. View, Ca. "The Bridge School Benefit" 1CD A-

05/26/00 Warsaw, Poland A- / B- (complete show from 2 sources)( 5/06)

05/29/00 Paris, France B (dime 1/07)
05/29/00 Paris, France A- (different source)(DAT master)(dime 6/08)

05/30/00 Paris, France B+
05/30/00 Paris, France A 1CD(different source)
05/30/00 Paris, France A- (3rd different source)(DAT master)(dime 6/08)

05/31/00 Paris, France B
05/31/00 Paris, France A- (3 songs filler on 9/1/04 Dylan)

03/26/01 John Hammond Jr. concert , San Francisco, CA A <(Waits guests on 3 songs)(disc two defects in two songs)

05/21/02 NPR "Fresh Air" interview 1CD A+ (complete with commercials - One Track)

07/31/03 Victoria Theater, San Francisco, Ca - “Matthew Sperry Memorial Concert” 1CD A-

09/21/03 Avery Fisher Hall, New York 1CD A-

10/15/04 Vancouver, BC A-

10/16/04 Vancouver, BC A-

10/18/04 Seattle, WA A-

11/13/04 Antwerp , Belgium A

11/15/04 Berlin, Ger. A-
11/15/04 Berlin, Ger. A "Wolf remaster #9"

11/16/04 Berlin, Ger. A-

11/17/04 Berlin, Germany A-

11/19/04 Amsterdam A-

11/20/04 Amsterdam B+(first 13 songs only)

11/21/04 Amsterdam B+

11/23/04 London, U.K. A-

08/02/06 Ashville, NC B+ ( 8/06)

08/04/06 Memphis, TN B+ ( 8/06)

08/05/06 Nashville, TN B+ ( 8/06)

08/07/06 Louisville, KY A- ( 10/07)

08/09/06 Chicago, IL A- ("slowtrain" version)( 8/06)
08/09/06 Chicago, IL B+ ("sonic studios" version)( 8/06)

08/13/06 Akron, OH A (VPRO radio broadcast) incomplete concert 1CD (dime 11/06)

08/13/06 Cleveland, OH A ( 8/06)

12/15/06 WXPN Philladelphia int. 1CD A (dime 12/06)(filler on Dylan 3/8/04)

10/27/07 Bridge School Benefit, MT. View A- 1CD (dime 11/07)

10/28/07 Bridge School Benefit, MT. View A- 1CD (dime 11/07)

06/17/08 Phoenix, AZ A- (dime 6/08)
06/17/08 Phoenix, AZ A- (alt version) (dime 7/08)

06/20/08 El Paso, TX A- (dime 6/08)

06/22/08 Houston, TX A (dime 7/08)

06/23/08 Dallas, TX A- (taper V4TX) (dime 6/08)

06/25/08 Tulsa, OK B+ (dime 7/08)

06/28/08 Columbus, OH A- (dime 7/08)

07/01/08 Jacksonville, FL A- (dime 8/08)

07/03/08 Birmingham, Al A- (Stynger recording)(dime 7/08)

07/05/08 Atlanta, GA A+ soundboard (mp3->flac-> wav) (NPR podcast)

07/14/08 Barcelona, Spain A- (with loud mic bumps)(dime 7/08)

07/15/08 Barcelona, Spain A- (dime 8/08)

07/17/08 Milan, Italy A- (dime 7/08)

07/18/08 Milan, Italy A- (dime 7/08)

07/21/08 Prague, CZ A- (Vortex242 version)(dime 7/08)

07/22/08 Prague, Czech Rep. A (dime 7/08)
07/22/08 Prague, CZ A- (Vortex242 recording) (dime 8/08)

07/24/08 Paris, France A- (dime 7/08)

07/25/08 Paris, France A- (dime 7/08)

07/27/08 Edinburg, Scotland A- (dime 8/08)

07/28/08 Edinburg, Scotland A- (taper: Potter) (dime 7/08)
07/28/08 Edinburg, Scotland A- (2nd source) (dime 8/08)

08/01/08 Dublin, Ire. A- (VW recording) (dime 8/08)

"Tales from the Underground Vol.1" 1CD
"Tales from the Underground Vol.2" 1CD
"Tales from the Underground Vol.3" 1CD
"Tales from the Underground Vol.4" 1CD
"Tales from the Underground Vol.5" 1CD

"Drunk On The Moon" 70's outtakes and odds and ends 1CD A

"Tales from the Riverside" 1CD A-B+ (fan compilation, it fills holes left by the "Tales" series)

"Tom Waits on Letterman" 1CD A-B+ 1CD

"Tom Waits in Holland" 1CD A (compilation CD) includes some of 5/26/76, 4/18/79, 4/20/79, 6/11/85


12/05/78 Austin City Limits - NTSC 1DVD A++ perfect version ( 2/06)

??/??/81 Montreal Jazz Festival 1DVD B+ (

11/21/04 Amsterdam 1DVD A- audience shot

11/23/04 London 1DVD A- audience shot

This is a list of CDRs we've acquired that we need replacements.
We consider these CDRs "untradeable" but were listing them here to alert
traders with these shows, in perfect condition (no digital flaws)

05/05/82 Detroit, MI B+ (smalls skips throughout)

05/09/82 Minneapolis A- (skips)

10/21/85 London B- (very hissy, and skips throughout)

10/14/87 New York, B (small to large constant skips throughout, got this one three times, same version)

11/21/87 London B+ (sounds as if it was slowed down 20%)

11/22/87 London B (small to large skips)

11/26/87 Stockholms B+ (small skips) (we've got this one Several times)

12/30/90 San Jose, CA A- (ticks on most songs) (we've got this one twice)

10/13/99 Denver A (great recording, flawed by skips)