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< -------------OUR GUIDELINES FOR CD-R TRADING--------------- 1. Stay away from the low end generic CD's. We're not too picky as long as they're name brand (i.e. "Mitsui, Fuju, TDK, Maxell, Sony, etc.) example of generics; anything with a unrecognizable name like "Datasafe" or MegaMedia" or anything with the store name like "CompUSA" or "OfficeDepot" brand, those are generics.

2. Don't send jewel cases for shipping. We're open to any packaging suggestions the above is just our default. Also when sending CDs without jewel cases at least wrap them in paper or the CD insert that came with the blank CDs. This sounds like common sense but someone actually sent me CDs alone in a package, they were ruined, obviously.
Also don't write on the CDRs