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Nick Cave

"Mr. Loverman" 2CDs A (rare stuff)

"Murderous Ends & Collaborative Odds" 1CD A

“Stranger Than Kindness” – various live ‘85-’90 A 1CD

06/16/84 Detroit A- audience (from master)( 10/23/85 Toronto A- audience (from master)( 10/18/88 Utrecht + 8/15/87 Hamburg “Long Time Man” 1CD A-

6/8/90 Munich A- 1CD

6/2-6/92 "Songs From a Diary" 1CD A

5/19-20/97 London, U.K. 1CD A (free CD that came with the imported "Best of")

05/23/97 Warsaw, Poland C+ (incomplete...4 songs...used as filler on Cohen 5/30/88)

06/06/97 Vienna, Aust. 1CD A- (from CD "I Told Nothing But The Truth")(

5/19/98 Paris "The Black Sessions" & filler 4/26/92 Norwhich (CD-R cop of "Darkness")

8/2/98 Tokyo, Japan 1CD A (Fujo Rock Festival)

10/17/98 San Francisco, Ca - with filler A- 2CD

8/6/99 Dranauter, Belgium B 1CD

09/07/99 "Songwriter Circle" London (Cave songs only 4 songs) A- 1CD (used as filler on 11/21/04 Dylan)

1/18/00 Perth, Aus. 2CD B (solo show)

3/6/01 Cobdem Club, London 1CD A- ("No More Shall We.." launch party) (7 songs)

3/25/01 Los Angeles, Ca 1CD A-

04/10/01 Vienna, Aust. 1CD A (from CD "I Told Nothing But The Truth")(

3/3/02 Thebeston, Aus. B (track changes not smooth)

4/17/02 Los Angeles, Ca 2CDs A-

6/2/03 Amsterdam 2CDs A-

2/25/04 Lisboa, Portugal 2CDs A-

9/21/04 St. Petersburg, Russian 2CDs B+

11/8/04 Manchester 2CDS B+

08/15/05 Budapest, Hungary B (incomplete...only 9 songs..used as filler on Dylan 6/30/01)

02/02/06 London, UK A- ( 5/06)

09/25/06 Antwerp, Bel. A- ( 10/06)

11/09/06 Nurnberg, Ger. A- (dime 1/07)