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Sudbury Mining Monument

A Celebration of Our Mining Heritage


“A Celebration of Our Mining Heritage – This sculpture symbolizes workers extracting mineral resources to build our community.”
Sudbury Mining Heritage Committee, 2001


Timothy P. Schmalz was born and raised in Elmira, Ontario.
Discovering his passion for sculptor at the age of 16, Timothy received his first commission at age 19.
Mr. Schmalz has three studios throughout North America where he works in seclusion.


The Mining Monument

The Sudbury Mining Monument entitled, “999 Miners” is located on the western shore of Lake Ramsey in the City of Greater Sudbury’s Bell Park. “…this sculpture stands not only as a symbol of Sudbury’s economy, but also serves to honour and commemorate the thousands who have dedicated their lives and those who have lost theirs in the depths of the shafts.”

In recognition of Oliverio E. Massimiliano.
Founder and the chairman of the Mining Hertiage Committee who was the inspiration for the sculpture.

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