2004 Mid-Winter Celebration

Mid-Winter Celebration

Dec. 15, 2004* First Unitarian Society of Newton West* Newton, Mass.


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Our hosts for the evening, Commonwealth Morris Men, began the processional, followed by Banbury Cross Morris (center) and Orion Sword.

The Master of Ceremonies.

Banbury Cross performed a couple of Cotswold morris dances, one set to a medley of Christmas carols played by our Nathaniely dressed, er, nattily dressed fiddler (below left).

The robust voices of Commonwealth.

A poem for the season, read by Angela.

Commonwealth's wardrobe might've gone south, but not their border morris dancing.

Orion debuted a dance in honor of the maker of their new set of swords (left and center), and later performed their classic "North Shirley Volunteers."

Thespians to a, um, man, Commonwealth presented a semi-traditional mummer's play, climaxing with the fall and rise of George Washingmachine (right).

The evening ended with the singing of a good old-fashioned wassail song (which one was it, now, Rick?).

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