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Banbury Cross: A Virtual Scrapbook of Our 2008 Season

Click on thumbnails to see a larger version of the photos

Commonwealth Morris Midwinter Celebration, January 16, Newton, Mass.

(Photos courtesy of Arthur Ferguson)

NEFFA, April 26, Mansfield, Mass.

(Photos courtesy of Mark Little)

Yes, folks, they toss sticks -- and nobody gets hurt. Most of the time.

And now, the world premiere of an original Banbury Cross dance, "Pirates of the Caribbean" (video courtesy of AJ Liuba)


The grim aftermath:

May Day, Cambridge, Mass.

A little bell trouble brings some assistance from the sidelines.

Lilac Sunday, May 11, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Mass.

(Left) A stirring start to "Pirates" -- this time with hat.