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Bulgarian embroidered shirt for women's and men's from various Bulgarian ethnographic regions
( bulgarian, french, german, spanish)

Seminar for Folk Dances, Music and Singing

Folk Dance, Music and Singing Seminar Balkanfolk 2009 is 12 Folk Dance and Music Workshop.
In the program of Balkanfolk 2009 are included the next courses:
- Bulgarian folk dances;
- Greek folk dances;
- Serbian folk dances.

Traditional music instruments:
gaida, kaval, dvoyanka, duduk, gadoulka, tamboura, tapan, tarambouka. Accordion (Bulgarian and Serbian music),
Bulgarian singing and Bulgarian Language.

More information in: English, Bulgarian, German, French and Spanish

Atelie za narodni nosii
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Balkan folklore dance & music

Bulgarian pop-folk singers


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Big collection with Bulgarian Folk Music CDs, Orthodox music CDs. Bulgarian folk music and songs. Musical Instruments - gaida, kaval, gadoulka, tamboura, tapan, tarambouka and accordion. Books


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