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Poem Title:If i could

If I could, I would turn time back around
and come running back to you, only if I could

If I could, I would catch our falling star,
and place it in the sky again only if I could

If I could, I would erase our good~byes
and you would be in my life again, only if I could

If I could, I would close my eyes again
and feel you gentle lips touching mine,
only if I could

If I could, I would hear the words I love you, and say 

them back to you, only if I could

If I could, I would look into your eyes again
and see into your soul I would be complete again, only if 

I could

If I could, I would stop these tears from falling
and the pain that dwells within only if I could, I would 


  Poem Title: My Tears, My Fears, and My Pain

My body shivers with a cold, that will never go away, and 

once again my soul becomes numb, 
and my heart becomes silent. I don't imagine, what flows 

the my mind, and lurks within the shadows. That once 

again, will soon be an erased, memory. And in the end I 

lay here crying. A viscous circle, that whispers, My 

hopes and my dream, off into the wind. I have lived 

within a dream, that will breathe until I die. And my 

heart will not speak the promises, that it cannot keep. 

Another lonely song plays, the words disturbing my 

already aching heart, and my thoughts, the greatest part 

of who I was, painfully slips away. My words become my 

illusion, and my reality becomes my never ending fate. 

Once again the darkness, that once was the form of my 

heart, becomes my dwelling place.To exist.. Tears, cold 

as snow, melt down my face and bleed with in my soul. And 

I know within this breaking heart, that it is the end, an 

end with no beginning. An impossible has become a frame 

of mind, and my hands now catch the rain streaming from 

my eyes. Do you see my tears, my fears, and my pain? 


Poem Title: sometimes

Sometimes, just sometimes, love just ain't enough. And 

sometimes, just sometimes, you give and give up. And then 

there are the times, All you do is cry. And sometimes, 

just sometimes, you must say good-bye.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you whisper to the wind. And 

sometimes, just sometimes, you must give in. And then 

there are the times, you wish to the stars. And 

sometimes, just sometimes, you forget who you are.

Sometimes, just sometimes, your soul feels complete. And 

sometimes, just sometimes, you can feel the beat. And 

then there are the times, you feel all alone. And 

sometimes, just sometimes, threw the love you have shone.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you say forever.
And sometimes, just sometimes, you stay together. And 

then there are the times, you hold the world. And 

sometimes, just sometimes, you let go.

Poem Title: Just a bunch of thinking

All the emotion, love, and feelings in the world, 
is worth nothing and means nothing, 
if you have no one to share it with.

And you left alone, Feeling empty,
crying tears, you thought you no longer had,
that just keep streaming down your face.

You watch the days go bye, Day turn into night,
the sun shines, and the clouds pass bye,
it rains, the birds sing.

But all you do, is all you have left, You listen to sad 

love songs, write pathetic poetry, knowing it wont change 

a thing, just makes you feel worse, makes the tears fall 

harder, and the empty feeling, sink deeper.

Yeah somedays are better then others depend on what 

distractions,keep your mind off things.
And sometimes you fool yourself that things don't matter 

anymore, but they do.

And it hurts, it really hurts.

Poem Title: Love Lost

I toss and turn as I wonder what has happened to us?
I gave you all I had to give, including my trust

how could you treat me with such tenderness
and then expect me to settle for less

I gave you my heart willingly, to you I beared my soul
How can you just turn off the love and treat me so cold

I thought we were the perfect couple, that we were meant 

to be,
but now my world is shattered since you said you no 

longer want to see me

How could I have been so wrong about you?
I thought we had a love that would last, a love that was 


Now I am alone and hurting, but I still miss you
how could you take my love and not love me too?


Poem Title: Feelings

I've seen the clouds today
They're as sad as my little heart
Seems like the day she went away
And just left me torn apart

Though I know she's as sad as I
And my heart just aches to think of her
But my love for her will never die
As I think about the way we were

Oh I can hear the winds that sway
Like the coming of a storm
Just how I miss her love today
That was once so soft and warm

I wonder if she thinks of me
And I wonder if she knows
Like the sea so wild and free
Each day my love for her just grows

Now the clouds have gone away
And I can see the blue old sky
Oh if I could only make a pray
'Twould be to see her once before I die.
The night is cold and lonely, 
My spirit is down 
For the one whom 
I love has gone away.

By night on my bed
I sought for her
Where have you gone
Oh! my love

Your absence makes me
So quiet and cold as grave yard
No more early morning songs
No more darling your late to work

The garden are untended Even 
The flowers are missing your care
The birds no more sings in the morning
Please come home

Come home to me my love
Let us forget about the past
And move on for many waters
Cannot quench the fire of love

Make my troubled and sleepless night
A blissful night. Please come home
Let the love, sunshine and laughter 
You took with you return back

 Poem Title: If I knew....

If I knew it was the last time to see you
I'd stay with you for a longer time
I'd give you not one kiss but two
I'd try to hug you all my lifetime

If I knew it was the last time to phone you
I'd have never hang up
I'd have taped your voice
That filled me with rejoice
To hear it again
When you leave me in my pain 
Watching the drops of rain
Falling and you aren't beside me

If I knew you won't be here for tomorrow
And I'll live now in sorrow
Coz I didn't ask you to forget 
All bad things I did to you
I know start to regret
That I didn't say I loved you

If I knew all that
I wouldn't tell you,"Don't wait for me,
I'm busy now and not free"
I'd stay all the time kissing your hand
I'd try to understand
That you aren't living for me the whole life!

Poem Title: Tears at Dawn

Tears stream down my face, 
this early morning dawn,
as the sun rose from its sleeping place,
where I have yet, have gone,
thoughts of you run threw my mind, 
picking it apart,
and emptiness, dwells with,
playing with my heart.
I know not love I have from you,
but within this soul I bleed,
I love you with a thousand hearts,
and a million little beats.
I love you with every breath,
and every world I speak.
I love you with every tear,
that now roles down my cheek.
Poem Title: love, I used to believe

Love, a four letter word
meaning 'Us'....
I used to believe in the greatness 
of 'We'....
When we laid in the shadows
of 'One'....

Pain, a four letter word
meaning 'Tears'....
Now I believe that I will never see
that four letter word
meaning 'Love'....
I now lay in the shadows 

Soul, a four letter word
meaning 'Whole'....
I used to believe in the completeness
of 'We'....
Now the shadows have turned gray
and cold....
Poem Title: Cry a Song

Cry a bitter song
And stand before your past
Bite the bitter truth
Each breath feels like your last

Your heart cries and nearly dies
Your stomach is upset
Ask for strength to move ahead
The power to forget

Behold the eyes of disrespect
His hands of raw control
Speak your pain, speak your grief
Break forth your avid soul

Walk away and don't return
Never look behind
You're free from him, rejoice within
Mourn your loss of time

Cry the song that tells your tale
And whisper silent prayers
For the young and fragile women
Who are in the same affair 
 Poem Title: A Lost Love

My love continues to linger on...
Eons after you have gone...
Silently my soul remorsefully weeps....
Longing for your velvet touch...
A deep piercing of my broken heart...
I swear can not be mended...
Oh to go back once more in time...
When we both had so much...
A love lost...a love lost...
Because love became a frozen fire. 
 Poem Title: He Broke My Heart

I loved him and he left me 
now I'm all alone and don't want to be free. 
What do I do now that he is gone? 
How do I go on as I listen to our song? 
I want him back but I know there is no use 
I keep thinking of the things that we used to do. 
I gave him all my love and he ran with it and hurt my 

now I don't know what to do 
now that I'm on this roller coaster ride. 
I hope someday he knows how my love was so true 
now as I sit here what is it I'm supposed to do? 
When I see another all I see is him 
He hurt me so bad tore my heart in two 
but I can't get past the fact that he once loved me too. 
He broke my heart and I just don't know what to do. 

Poem Title: My HEart Will Go On

Your love drifted away from me
into the arms of someone new
Much has been the heartaches
thought I couldn't get over you

Believing your love was true
I trusted you with my heart
Never would I ever think
that we would drift apart

But my broken heart will go on
without you I will learn to live
I'll busy myself in other things
and I'll try my best to forgive

 Poem Title: Pain in Love

You said you love me,
is it true?

You said you cared for me,
oh yea, u told her too!

Maybe that's why,
I don't believe in love nomore,

because you took my heart,
and made it sore!

I couldn't talk to you,
and I hate the way it felt!

Because you put my heart in fire,
and made it melt!

You say I'm jealous?
That's not true!

I just regret the day,
that I met you!!
  Poem Title: sailed away

she was running through the forest
leaves and branches whipping her body
she had to catch up with him before he was gone

she ran faster and faster
more and more cuts were forming on her
perfect skin
he was getting on the boat

she finally cried his name 
her body bloody from the cuts
he looked around and continued walking onto the boat

she fell to the ground sobbing
her cuts were dripping blood
the boat was loaded and sailed off

When lonely needs to sleep
she holds her heart in her hands

her tears fall like rain each one bearing a
painful memory...she cries til she is numb and
drifts slowly into slumber

into the deserted darkness of scattered dreams

when morning comes she wakes to the suns 
warmth bearing down upon her

she begins to realize the world did not fall with
her nor did it cry her pain or feel her sorrows

the world continued on not noticing the
pungent odor of her lonliness

she musters from the deepest part of herself
her will to move to shake the dead ghosts
from her memory

now she must elude herself from yesterday's

when lonely falls.
Poem Title: Tears 

Tears on the sand
Pain and blood
Mingle like pebbles
My heart in your hand
And the rough edge of life
Is softer in your dreams
Because you're not the one
It's me
Tears on the sand
Diamonds for a heart
Never love a man
Emotions rip one apart
And my self-confidence is down
My heart asleep
I fall for you, a clown
From the abyss I creep

Poem Title: What You Dont See

You don't see 
What is right in front of you 
When I'm gone 
You will miss me 
Never again to hear the laughter
Nor see a smile
The voice that once calmed a soul 
You don't see
What is right in front of you
When I'm gone
You will miss me
Never to feel a tender touch 
The sweet caress once given
Will never come again
The sweet intoxicating perfume
Will notl inger anymore
You don't see 
What is right in front of you 
When I'm gone 
You will miss me
A memory will bring 
Back to your mind 
What we shared 
All these things 
You will dream of
Then you will see 
What you refused 
To see all along 

So many hearts have been shattered
Since the beginning of time.
But no other heart has been shattered,
In so many pieces like mine.

For years you kept me guessing,
Was I the one for you?
You knew how much I loved you,
But did you really love me too?

You wanted me to prove to you,
Right from the very start.
That my love for you was sincere
And you wanted all my heart.

It took me so long to surrender,
For at that time I wasn't sure.
How would you treat a virgin heart,
A heart so innocent and pure?

You finally did convince me,
With your alluring, charming ways.
You promised me you would love me,
For the rest of all our days.

Now you're playing with another heart.
Will you shatter that one too?
All I can say is I sincerely hope,
Some day your heart will be shattered too.
Poem Title: A chance

I know I make mistakes
I thought I could go on without you,
I now realize how much I need you,
Each night I breakdown and cry,holding my pillow 

tight,wishing you were by my side to comfort me
I need you here by my side,
To heal my wounded heart,
Forget about yesterday,
think of our future 
I won't make the same mistake, Baby,Please forgive me 

don't turn 
your back on me
You, just give me a chance,
A chance to see you through.

Poem Title: The Walls of Fear

She's trapped within the walls of fear
too scared to speak, and no one knows.
Afraid to even shed a tear,
anticipating daily blows.

As days turn into many years,
she's trapped within the walls of fear,
In fearful contiguity,
afraid to stay, nowhere to flee.

The security she'd once sought,
now a nightmare in which she's caught.
She's trapped within the walls of fear,
with a man she'd once held so dear.

Afraid to stay, nowhere to flee,
In fearful contiguity,
contemplating another year,
she's trapped within the walls of fear.
Poem Title: Missing Something

I'm missing something,
it no longer breaths with in my soul,
my inner entity, hallow without a choice, 
something has slipped away.
A mirage, an inner allusion, or
just a dying dream,
a game with a soul,
verses a pure heart.
A Tear falls, over pastel dreams,
and a want, is no longer a purpose,
and pleading is only a set back.
My memories no longer
comfort me, the void is obsolete,
and cannot be filled, and the end, 
it truly is.
And I walk away,
missing something.
 Poem Title: Little Angel

Break away, little angel. Break away from your chains. 

Don't cry little angel. Don't cry your life away. Sing 

your song, little angel. Sing your song, of love. Don't 

be sad little angel, soon your day will come. 

Laugh little angel, the truth is in your smile.
Laugh little angel, its been gone a while. Love yourself 

little angel, I know you feel that void.
Love yourself little angel, your heart is not a toy. 

Don't give up little angel, I know that your strong. 

Don't give up little angel, I know that you have been 

wronged. Don't be sad little angel, soon your day will 


Feel all your joy little angel, all the joy you bring. 

Feel all your joy little angel, like all the songs you 

sing. Have hope little angel, your heart will be free. 

Have hope little angel, for soon your life will spree. 

You are amazing little angel, in everything you do. You 

are amazing little angel, and you know I love you too. 

Don't be sad little angel, soon your day will come.

Know your worth little angel, your a gem in all the 

stones. Know your worth little angel, in all that you 

have shone. It's been hard little angel, to see you fake 

your happiness. It's been hard little angel, you dwell 

with in your sadness. Soon your wings will fly little 

angel, stronger then ever before. Soon your wings will 

fly little angel, and you will love another, even better 

then before. Don't be sad little angel, soon your day 

will come.
Poem Title: Why Do I Do It?

I ask why do I do it
No answer to be found
The punishment of loving
My heart forever bound

A searching without compass
No map to travel by
Traversing hidden dangers
Too many roads to try

Not alone but feeling lonely
Smiling despite the tears
Deep hurt although no bruises
Moments that last for years

So tell me just why is it
My lesson is not learnt
If once you play with fire
Than twice you will get burnt

It's the quest for what we're promised
A love thats pure and true
I'll allow myself the heartache
And my journey starts anew
Poem Title: Lost Love

I know the pain,inside of you
Loving someone,knowing it's through
The tears comes easy,when they play your song
Bringing back old memories,of a love now, that is gone
We said,that we would never part
That our love, would grow and grow
The promises that we made ourselves
Turn out to be,just some forgotten words
I should have known the signs
That our love was falling through
But I tried to hide my feelings
Hoping they were just a phase in you
And then,came the reality
Our love was gone
I now hide my feelings,my life must go on
The memories of a love ,I knew
Has faded away,my lonliness renew

Poem Title: Cry

It is said Love can be the most beautiful thing 
but to say it's great all the time would be a lie
It can elevate you to cloud nine one minute
and the next moment, can also make you cry

Everyone seems to be searching for it
even when it has caused unbearable pain
Is it really worth it to be that vulnerable
and possibly be hurt time and time again

I often ask what is so special about this word
that will make us go the ends of the earth
If something can cause so much unhappiness
how much can it really be worth

There have been more sad than happy endings
in various relationships throughout my life
The one that I will always be regretful of
is the love I gave to my first wife

These days I'm a much more guarded person
which causes people to often ask me why
How can a young man be so cynical about love
my answer is because I no longer wish to cry
Poem Title: My heart does not where armor

My heart does
not where armor,
no protection
does it make,
but it fights for me 
and beats 
with every break.

Poem Title: On this side of heaven

On this side of heaven
where hopes and dream run free,
a never end sadness
dwells inside of me.

And only for a second
I lie here in peace,
and listen to the harmony
the never ending beat.

Every time the tears fall
slowly down my face
it's just another memory
soon to be erased

And on this side of heaven
where hopes and dream run free,
a never end sadness
dwells inside of me. 
Poem Title: Haunting Memories

At first I tried to accept it
But I couldn't believe it was true
Living in a state of denial
As I tried to hold onto you

I'm haunted by each memory
Of bliss, of hope, of tears
I still can hear your voice so soft
And for a moment you're still here

I swore I'd never hurt you
Because I wasn't gonna be the one
To let you cry, and say goodbye
After all you've said and done

I wonder if your words were true
Or just some cruel, bitter lie
Was I not worth the risk?
Or was I just not worth your time

When you love someone beyond yourself
They come first in all you do
I would never try to cause you pain
And now we know who loved who 
Poem Title: thinking of you

I thought of you the other day 
and a smile came to my face.
I thought of the times we shared
the good, and the bad and I realized
that I am nothing without
our you
and the beauty of our love
that lives in my 

Poem Title: ANOTHER CHANCE (Cinquain)

two hearts
that are breaking
are feeling so much pain
God, please give them another chance
at love
Poem Title: you walked away

Without any parting word,
Nor a regard for the cord
That used to bind us as one,
Now with a heart hard as stone,
You walked away, oh you did. 

In spite of your unhoped-for haste
And a resolve not to 'waste'
A moment to tell me why,
You still left me gifts, oh my! 
Bitter tears: your last token.

Now I'm grateful for the tears
Because, as my heart now wears,
My eyes share in its sorrow;
When an end comes to th' heart flow,
Sure the tears would also cease.
Poem Title: Cursed Love

Deeds of the past returns to you,
Pains you give come back to you,
And as your smile vanishes,
My soul will learn to smile again,
Sightless eyes,speechless heart,
Is better than a cursed love.
Poem Title: You Just Donít See Me 

Iíve tried so hard to get you to notice me
But you are too blind to open your eyes and see
I donít know how much more I can take
Because my heart is starting to break

If you donít want to be with me
Let me move on so I can be free
Let me spread my wings and fly
So I can wipe away these tears in my eyes

What has happened
I just donít understand
Iíve opened my hear to you
yet alone here I stand
Now I am thinking of me you want to be free of
All I know is 
This is not love 

Poem Title: You Just Donít See Me 

Iíve tried so hard to get you to notice me
But you are too blind to open your eyes and see
I donít know how much more I can take
Because my heart is starting to break

If you donít want to be with me
Let me move on so I can be free
Let me spread my wings and fly
So I can wipe away these tears in my eyes

What has happened
I just donít understand
Iíve opened my hear to you
yet alone here I stand
Now I am thinking of me you want to be free of
All I know is 
This is not love 

Poem Title: I'm Tired Of This 

I thought we'd always be together
That you would stand by my side
Through stormy weather
But now I see it was all a lie
Things haven't gotten any better

I thought things would be different this time
Maybe I should have known better, because you do this so 

It's like a mountian I can never possibly climb
I try to talk to you, it's impossible, and I have to yell

I just can't figure you, or this 'thing' out
I have tired, maybe I am to blind to see
It has happened so many times, that I have lost count
All I know is, I am tired of you always doing this to me 

Poem Title: My Heart Will Go On

I trusted you, 
I gave my best.
You loved me not,
I should have guessed
You tried so hard 
to care for me.
Forever friends
we'll always be.
Love cannot be 
forced it's true.
My heart still holds
a place for you.
Don't worry
for when you are gone
I'll find a way
My heart will go on.
Poem Title: A dying mans prayer 

please god, for all that I've done throughout my whole 

can you tell me the sins you have seen.
the ones that you punish me for all of this time,
now you've taken my soul and my dreams.

how can I turn to you in my prayers, 
when you clearly have your back turned to me.
why did you choose to bring back all my fears,
and bring me the pain that you see.

I thought you had sent me an angel,
and she wrapped me so tight in her wings.
she secured in my heart almost from the start,
and no doubts of her love that she brings.

so pure had she seemed in her heart for that time,
in the love and the joy that we shared.
but this angel had secrets she held in her mind,
and felt nothing of love or had cared.

but was it you who had sent me this angel,
who's wings are now blackened and scorned.
who has pulled from this man, all that she can,
and left this shell shattered and torn.

my body is fit and free from disease,
so clear and alert is my mind.
yet my soul is tearing apart at the seams,
and my heart deep inside has now died
 Poem Title: State of Mind

Bags packed 
pieces torn and tattered.
Feelings thrown in a heap,
dreams shattered
like broken glass.

An utter urgency to run
and cling to
the only ounce of courage left.
To escape the shambles,
the rage, the cold
that hovers and lingers
in this uncertain
state of mind.

The lies, the deciet,
the hurt that burns the flesh
and painfully wounds the heart.
The memories that weave
themselves throughout.
Slowly, time erodes the severity
of such pain
leaving only trace reminants.

Remembering, or maybe what remains,
the distance gently washes away.
Poem Title: Lost in Memories

Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts
When I am remebering you,
Everything you used to say to me
And all the cute things you would do.
But when I get lost in my memory like this
It also moves further ahead
And I remember all the times you weren't there
And I couldn't believe anything you said.
Memories can lead to a treacherous path
When the bad and the good combine,
The good make the heart smile
While the bad are torturing the mind.
So sometimes when I think of you
I tend to go a little insane,
But that is only when I hit the bad parts
And I relive all that pain.
Most of the time I am just relieved 
When my mind starts wandering to you,
Because I am remembering the bad things
And they outweigh the cute things you used to do.Poem 

Title: Dwelling

Dwelling in what-Was years ago,
So much much has changed-I think you know,
You try so hard-To recapture the past,
You refuse to believe-This can't last,
You look in my eyes-I know you can see,
The emptiness residing-Inside of me,
With your every word-I want to scream,
I only seek peace-Inside my dreams,
I can smell the flowers-As I lay in sleep,
And forget the taste-Of the tears I weep,
I pray for silence-To caress my heart,
For the comfort of angels-When I'm falling apart,
I beg you silently-Do you ever know,
My request to you is-Please let me go,
Let go of my life-Release your grip,
Stop pulling so hard-I'm starting to rip,
Just allow me to live-My life as me,
stop holding me hostage-Just set me free,
The time has come-And I start to observe,
What happiness means-And what I deserve,
I want to feel it-And conquer the pain,
Refil the life-That began to drain,
My days drag by-So very slow,
I want my life-Just please let me go...
 Poem Title: Not Meant To Last Forever

I did everything within my power
to enable us to stay together
With time and experience I soon realized
that our love was not meant to last forever

I gave you all of me and even more
and in return you chose to walk away
When we parted I was in so much pain 
spending most of my time in tears each day

I would often ask myself the famous question
where did everything suddenly go wrong
You constantly claimed to love me
while you were with someone else all along

Obviously I was never enough for you
as time progressed this proved to be true
It's amazing that I was so blinded by love
that I almost didn't see the real you

While the experience was a painful one
the lessons learned, I will always treasure
It didn't matter how much I cared for you
because our love was not meant to last forever
 Poem Title: Sonnet Of Sorrow.

When you turned to go, I said not " No".
I did not dry your cheeks, 
When tears began to flow.
You looked at me yearningly 
To hear a loving word, 
But I hid my feelings, my lips uttered not a word
I shattered you to pieces, I made you cry!
Cursed be my tribe, for such is my crime.

But am I really at fault?
Would you consider my plight?
Even I was TORN-would you understand?
Then your words came to my mind,
"When you love you dare to care and bear !
What comforts me now is my belief that you still 'Care'.
Poem Title: Shine

Long ago in my eyes there was a sparkle that shone so 

It would shine when I looked at you and when I saw your 

But then one day that shine was gone,
And you were gone too
You said you were over you were done
You said, ďIím not in love with youĒ
But still, I want that shine, as well as I want you to be 

So come back to me. I promise I'll love you more than 

Oh, Please come back and love me like before,
Because it's killing me not having you anymore
Poem Title: Blind

My heart hurts in so many ways, you don't even know.
My heart hurts so much because I can't let you go.
What happened? What did I do?
Did you know that you hurt me? And that I knew you lied 


Does any of that matter now?
Do you care about "why" you hurt me or "how"?
Why do you choose to hurt me?
Didn't you know? You hold my hearts key?
Why do you always have to make me cry?
Why must you always have to lie?
So many things to ask you
So many answers to find
You have too many lies to hide behind.

Why is it so hard for you to tell me the truth?
Why tourture me, put me through all this abuse?
The hurt, the lies, the pain, the cries
is all to much for me
Now the last question-
What is it that you can't see?
Poem Title: You and I

You know,you hurt me so bad
When I think about the times we shared
The plans we had
The promises we made
I gave my heart,my soul,my everthing
But all you did was to turn around to make me cry and sad
But Believe me,no one else will love you like I do
And you know what you and I were meant to be together.
Believe THat
 Poem Title: Incomplete

I thought I didn't ask too much
Please treat me well and don't break my heart

No lies and no games
I promise you, I'll do the same

We had a love so true, I thought
It started the day you said you loved me too

You knew my history and I your past
I thought our love was sure to last

Thinking of you makes me cry
Thinking of how you're not mine, hurts inside

I wish you could see what you've done to me
You left me feeling incomplete

There was a time I thought you loved me.
Thought we had a love so rare.
Now every day I'm wondering,
Do you really care?

How our two hearts found each other,
Is a mystery to me.
At times it's hard to reveal your thoughts,
What ever they may be!

We spent many happy hours together.
I felt so happy and carefree.
Now my heart is so lonely,
Cause you're not here with me.

I should stop this stupid dreaming.
It's not getting me anywhere.
And each and every day, I wonder
Do you really care?
Poem Title: Your Love Is Like A Rose

I guess your love for me was like 
a beautiful rose in the spring.
One day you see a rose bush and 
it has a very small bud on it.
You see this rose bush everyday, 
and as each day passes, 
the bud opens a little more.
Then one day when you see this rose bush 
the rose is in full bloom, you stop and ponder 
over the idea of whether to pick it or not. 
As you stand there, before your very eyes 
the beautiful rose withers down to nothing 
and dies.
I guess that your love for me was like the beautiful 

it started out very small and turned into something 

but while you were pondering over what to do, 
it withered to nothing and died. 
  Poem Title: Good Memories

Once we held the world for one another in the palm of our 

I was your woman and you, without a doubt , My only 

desired man.

We always thought that life for us had this awesome, 

untouchable plan and...
Together the two of us would forever stand.

Time has all but revealed the end of our love.
like a hand exposed by the shedding of it's glove.
Perhaps some things were never meant to be,
I say it out loud, but cannot believe...

That you and I are no more,but before I seal this closed 

You must know that from the start, I loved you with all 

of my heart. 

As we leave this love behind without strife,
moving onward in life...

I thank you for good memories.
Poem Title: Just A Fool

I believed you when you said
you were falling for me
But, now I see I was just a fool.

I believed you when you said
you cared for me
But, now I see I was just a fool.

I believed you when you said
you wanted to be with me
But, now I see I was just a fool.

I believed you when you said
you wanted us to be a family
But, now I see I was just a fool.

I believed you when you said
you were gonna make her leave
But, now I see I was just a fool.

I believed you when you said
you would call and come see me
But, now I see I was just a fool.

Well, now you can believe me when 
when I say I am a fool no more.
SEE YA!Poem Title: My Heart Cries

My heart cries at the thought of losing tou
because I love you it is true.
My heart cries when you're not here
because I love you it's full of fear.
My heart cries when I reach out to hold you
and you're not there to hold me too.
My heart cries when your with someone else
because I love you I get jealous.
My heart cries because it doesn't understand why
my love doesn't want you to say goodbye.
Since I love you so I'll let you go
I wish you still loved me though!
So I will deal with my hearts crying
for only you boo and cause I am tired of trying!
 Poem Title: Was It Just A Game

I met a master of the game,
To him now, I'm just a name.
His feelings for me aren't the same,
I lost my popularity and fame.

I believed all the words he spoke to me,
I believed he loved me just for me.
I was blinded by what I couldn't see,
Now he wants me to set him free.

He used to call me all the time,
Now one phone call is a crime.
I guess that is my only sign,
I want my heart back for it's mine!

I gave him all the love I had,
I thought that this would make him glad!
Instead, I'm crying and I'm sad,
And when I call he just gets mad.

I met a master of the game,
It hurts and I feel deep shame.
I guess I am only a forgotten name,
Will I ever be the same? 

  Poem Title: Why Did You..

Why did you even bother if you never cared? Why did you 

promise me happiness if it was only a lie. Why did you 

take my heart and stomp it if you really loved me? Why 

did you say you'd try if you knew it was a lie? Why did 

you ask so much of me and give back so little? Why did 

you have to be so selfish? Why did you just sit there and 

watch my heart break? Why did you even look my way if you 

only intention was to hurt me? Well you've got what you 

wanted from me but you gave me something you probably 

never meant for me to have you gave me the strength to 

stand up and brush you away after you walked all over me. 

You gave me the courage to fight back and not let you do 

this to me any more. I am no longer your puppet on a 

string ready to do your biding, I am me and me is no 

longer your slave.I now know I deserve better than you.  


It's been a long time now, since you left me.
I'll never forget our last night.
There was something about you so different.
The love we just shared, wasn't right.

After the lovin' you held me,
The way you usually do.
But I could tell in my heart, dear,
Something was bothering you.

I looked into your dreamy eyes,
Saw no desire there.
Please tell me, dear heart of mine!
Does he no longer care?

With tears in your eyes, you told me.
You just didn't know what to do.
There was someone you had recently met,
And thought you loved her too.

Never, in my wildest dreams,
Did I doubt your love for me.
So now, you've found another,
And want me to set you free.

After my anger abated,
I kissed you tenderly.
This was the last kiss we shared,
While my tears flowed endlessly.

My life has been so miserable.
Miss you more than words can say.
Keep hoping and praying all the time,
That you'll come back some day.

But love is not a two way street.
Time will heal my sorrows.
My heart tells me I'll find love again,
And there'll be many better tomorrows.