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  Arbi & Nor's Wedding


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Assalamualaikum and welcome to our wedding album!


Thank you for dropping by...

This website is especially built for us to share our happy moments with you. We understand that some of you could not make it to our wedding for different reasons. Worry not, this website is for you! Nothing happier to us than having the opportunity to share our happy moments with you. For those who came to our wedding, we would like to thank you in millions. This website is for you to recall the sweet moments you shared with us.

You may view the photos, smile at them, amused and awed by them and for those you can't get enough of us, save them on your hard disk:). For easy viewing, the photos are classified according to the occasions; photos taken during our engagement ceremony, akad nikah, wedding and during honeymoon, and not to forget during our childhood.

Happy viewing!

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Invitation Card

Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly as planned. I could not agree more to what one of my friends said, "Malay wedding is tiring". It was really tiring.

Wedding in Slim River

We took off at about 11.30 am to my Kampung in Slim River. We made a quick stop at Slim River Mosque to have one of the cars decorated (Thanks to Syahrol for the favour). We continued the journey and reached my house at 1.15 pm (15 minutes late). Before entering the compound, we took a few snaps around the decorated car (even though it was like a Chinese wedding, as many of my friends said, I think it's different and nice). Then, we were welcome by a shower of "nasi kunyit".

Photos of our nikah, wedding and honeymoon are in the process of uploading. Something's wrong with the server actually. 


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