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The front three children above are Catherine, Elizabeth and Caroline Kellis, daughters of Sharon Worsham Kellis and husband Bob. Sharon is the girl on the left, her dad Tom Worsham on the right of her and the last one top right is Clancy McCaleb Worsham, daughter of H and Eza Hallmark McCaleb

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the Angelfire Gallery of Fine Art (eat your heart out Ansel Adams)

This is a Gallery of Pictures

Pictures are a way of bending light in order for your eyes to associate colours and shapes with something familiar.


dreaming of promotion



live long and prosper

got milk?


hot dogs




Other Angelfire Services And Various Genealogies

A Free Angelfire Email Account.
Barbara McCaleb & Lauderdale Folks Ances. & Descds.
Some Mynatt Hallmark Descendants
Another Branch of Henry McCollum Sr family prepared by Wanda Bradford e mail
Another Branch of the Randal McDonald & Jean Stark Descendants
Some Early Randal McDonald Notes & Descendants
Some of Jim McCaleb's brother Hue's descds.
Branch of Joseph Howell of SC descds.
Fayette County Al. Cemetaries 1.Berea 2. White's Chapel 3. Whitehead 4. Sprinkle 5. Tidwell Chapel 6. Morris
An early marriage at Philadelphia Pa that may have been parents of Hugh White McCaleb of Stokes Nc. Also Archibald McCaleb Slavery
Picture of White's Chapel Church of Christ Building NE Fayette Co., Al.
1&2 Archibald McCalebs of E NC and Knox Tn 3.Former 3 Counties of NC 4. Census Taker 5. Crims Of Stokes NC 6.Tombstone Epitaphs 7. David McKillop of NH
Hubbertville Church of Christ or McCollum Cemetary in NE Fayette, County, Al.
New River Church of Christ Cemetery in NE Fayette County, Al. near Hubbertville
Phillips Cemetery updated + Tucker Cemetery copied NE Fayette Co. Al.
O'Mary Descendantgs of Hallmarks
Grandma's Old Cleaning and Cooking ideas etc
A trop down Memory Lane
Things Confucious Didn't Say
5 Great Lessons Learned
Save yourself in heart attack
Seniors Must Learn to Sacrifice Ha!
Social Security for Small Fry
Men that Signed Declaration of Independance

Still more Angelfire Services & Pictures

Free Web Building Help
Melissa left dau. of Jean McCaleb Reach and her husband Scott Evans rt. Nov 1996
Picture of Jean McCaleb Reach & her brother Fred McCaleb Nov. 1996
Mary Etta McCollum-Ancesters->Edward McCollum->Benjamin McCollum->Samuel McCollum and William McCollum of SC & Fayette Co. Al.
Bettie & Fred McCaleb at Christine Cline's Wedding 1980s
Doris & Douglas Reach 1997?
Fredrick, Jean Ellen & James McCaleb at Ripplemead, Va. early 1950s
Fredrick Warren McCaleb at Ripplemead, Va. 1950s
James Arthur McCaleb at Ripplemead, Va. 1950s
Mary Ann McDonald, Wife of Alfred McCaleb Abt 1878 in Hands of Avis Haney Lawrence
Fred & Bettoe McCaleb, Bradley Boswell, Nell & Carl Boswell abt 1980
Jean Ellen McCaleb Ripplemead, Va. 1950s
Lucille Rollins McCaleb, Clancy McCaleb Worsham rt by travel wagon at H McCaleb old home Aug 1980
Leah McCollum & Husb. Andrew McCaleb picture taken before 1880 in hands of Avis Haney Lawrence GG gramdparents of Fred McCaleb
Fred & Bettie McCaleb, grandson Bradley Boswell, Nell & Carl Boswell
75 Years makes a difference
A Family Tree
The Descendants of John Lowry
Dirt Roads
Funny Observations
Computer Gender
McCaleb Genealogy Forum
Picture of Thomas Cantley, son of Mary Worsham Cantley and grandson of Tom and Clancy McCaleb Worsham

Interesting Home Pages & Old Pictures

Picture of H McCaleb abt 1945 with son Hubert's children Bill left and Carol rt.
Killingsworth Church School abt 1903 in NE Fayette, Co. Al.
List of people in the Killingsworth School picture above.
More Pages of Genealogy etc.
Bettie McCaleb(left) and her coworkers 1970s
Bettie Cline McCaleb and more Coworkers 1970s
The Cline Family at the old Radford Va Home 1880s
Picture of Ellen & Bill Cline at David Cline's Fungral in Grundy, Va
Elspeth Howard as a young girl in 1920s
Elspeth Howard and Bettie McCaleb in Elspeth's pretty flowers in Va.
Elspeth Howard about 1930s
Fred McCaleb and a Home Made Radio 1970s
Picture of Jean Ellen McCaleb at Fredrickson's Home where she wed 1977
Jones, Fred McCaleb and Elspeth Howard Hughes at Church in Winfall Va
Bettie Dawn McCaleb as a Scout in Arab, Al. 1960s
Picture of Fred and Bettie McCaleb taken Sep 2000 when they were old and broken down.
Lines Describing Genealogists
Take Time
Christmas Letter 2000