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The following information and sites are listed in an effort to educate people to the backlash against child abuse awareness and recovery that is called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. This group is attempting to interfere in the therapist/client relationship, in an apparent attempt to prevent adult children from remembering past traumas. Why are they so interested in interfering with this healing process?

Because it has become possible for adults abused as children to sue for past abuse, and the membership of the FMS consists predominently, according to many sources, of adults accused of having abused children, two of it's former board members said in interviews that having sex with children was a possible lifestyle choice, and it's main "scientific" advisor has made a career of defending those accused of molesting children.

I understand that they are planning to make a "blacklist" of therapists who they wish to target, and have also actually picketed outside a therapists office. This is a sad and dangerous group, and the way they operate fits very well with offender psychology.

They also interfere with the recovery of offenders who are in programs to help them come out of denial and heal. One such program reports that offenders who had been making headway went back into denial, carrying copies of literature from the FMSF around instead.

More alarming still is the American Psychological Association's accepting the FMSF as a place for psychologists to pursue post graduate study.

They and any other group who suggest that dissociative disorders are not real, that DID (MPD) does not exist, that traumatic forgetting is not a common natural way that human beings survive when faced with the unthinkable-Anyone who denies the reality and existance of these experiences do a disservice to Viet Nam Veterans, Holocast Survivors, Abuse Survivors, and the millions of other people who have experienced dissociation, amnesia, and recovered memories.

To deny the reality of recovered memories endangers children because:

1. Offenders who might otherwise find recovery have a way to avoid facing their original traumas (the vast majority were victims themselves), and to continue in denial of their sickness, and this will therefore add to the number of children they may potentially abuse.

2. Offenders will feel safer to abuse children if they know that, when as adults the children recover memories of horrific events, they will not be believed.

If you have any feelings about the attempts by the FMS and their supporters to deny the existence of dissocitaion, DID, MPD, and recovered memories, here are some organizations to which you can express your concerns.
Mailing Address & Phone Numbers 
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
(800) 374-2721
(202) 336-5500 

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychological Society

The American Medical Association has two offices: 
515 North State Street 
Chicago, IL 60610 

Washington office: 
1101 Vermont Avenue NW 
Washington, D.C. 20005 


Thanks to: The Recovered Memory Project the The Ottowa Recovered Memory Page , the Post Traumatic Gazette , David Baldwins Trauma Pages
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