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My Family Surnames

Addy, Brown, Carpenter, Copeland, Hardy, Henry, ------------------------------------------------- Jenkins, Maxwell, Moore, Mills, White, -------------------------------------- Most of these families came out of North Carolina in the late 1700s' to South Carolina, Georgia, some stopped off in Mississippi and others went to Alabama and then on to Arkansas. A few went to Texas and stayed, a few came back to Arkansas. --------------------------------------------- These are family lines from my Husbands, --------------------------------------------- Jenkins came from South Carolina to Neshoba Co,MS to Ashley Co. AR. --------------------------------------------- Maxwells' came from North Carolina to Ashley Co., AR. --------------------------------------------- Mills came from Benton "Calhoun" Co. Al. to Bradley Co.AR. to Ashley Co. AR. .-------------------------------------------- My lines are:-------------------------------- Addys' from Ohio River Valley to Saline Co.AR. --------------------------------------------- Carpenters'from Dekalb Co. Ga to Hot Spring co.Ar. --------------------------------------------- Copelands in Dekalb Co. GA. --------------------------------------------- Hardys' from Tn. to Dallas Co. AR. to Hot Spring Co. AR. --------------------------------------------- Henrys' from Rockingham Co. N.C. to Elbert Co. Ga. to Perry Co. Al. on to Union Co.AR. then they split up, some went to LA. and on to Shelby co. Texas, Some stayed in Union Co. AR. ------------------------ My line of Henrys went to Collin Co. Tx. after the Civil War and stayed till abt. 1880 then went to Hot Spring Co. AR.----------------------------------

If you think you have any ties to the familys below, contact me at

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