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SOS from Japan


Does the air make you feel Alive, Integrated and Relaxed?
Or Abandoned, Insulted and Ruined?

Last modify: August 17, 2002

Japanese site

From the very beginning, pesticides/herbicides/agricultural chemicals have been manufactured with little respect for the air we must share in common.

What's happening in Japan?
Do you think Japan is progressive in industry and ethics?
You will find a hint here.

Somebody must change the situation, because our health and lives are at stake. Enough is enough. We are running out of time to act.
We must leave fresh air for future generations.
We must clean up harmful pollution with sincere responsibility.

The purpose of this site is not to condemn or attack anyone.
It is to regain fresh air and a healthy life for all citizens of this planet.
You may be breathing easy now, but no one can stay healthy forever breathing this chemical soup.

Because I have been suffering tremendously, I don't wish anyone else to experience such a hell someday.

I love peace, respect and humbleness. But all have been chased
away by the environmental mess. What happened to me? What's going on?
You will see our difficult situation here.
I hope something similar would not happen where you live. Never.

The first picture was taken on the same day that the examiners came to our village to take the air samples (Oct. 11, 2000).
The village officer prohibited me from watching the process, but the company staffers were allowed to attend.
Since the village officer didn't allow me to watch the process, I had enough time to go up the hill and take these photos.

The second picture was taken on the weekend after the testing was done.
Doesn't it look like a big fire burning? It isn't. It's their way of business, without care for the air we breathe in common.

No officers are neither aware nor do they care about our true situation.
They trust only the company staff.
As hydrogen sulfide was detected in my room before, the exhaust might be
the same. But the examiner said that hydrogen sulfide can be in a house,
coming from the household garbage.

The company staff says that almost all the smoke exhaust is just steam of water
and safe. Then, why did they stop even the steam on the day examiners came?
And what is that horrible odor?

After they took the air samples, the village officers came to me and asked me to sign a document. It stated : "If the chemicals were below safe levels, I would make no further claims. If the chemicals were over safe levels, I would leave this problem entirely to the village office. And the request to the company would be made by the village office with its responsibility."

In any case they want my mouth to be shut.
Of course I refused to sign it.
There are so many number oriented people in Japan.
Their criteria are numbers, but mine is the living human being.

Our village leader was an executive officer of this chemical company before.

After taking the air samples, they said that it was in the best condition.
In the evening, smoke and exhaust were come out, the same as before.
For whom was it best?

This Japanese agricultural chemical company "N"
is not a small one, but is an international company.

The company "N" spreads to
New York, St.Louis (U.S.A.),
Dusseldorf (Germany) ,
Neauphle Le Chateau (France),
Brussels (Belgium),
Sao Paulo (Brazil),
and Japanese so many places.

What are they really spreading?


Open: 10/21,2000

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