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My Team page, the Dunicorns!

My Team page, the Dunicorns!

I am

There below is a picture of me watching my Unicorn, Charm, Princess among all the horned creatures in Atlantis, as she sipped quietly from the fountain of Kindness

Thank-you to Dstarcatcher of thesitefights for this honoring Golden Dust Award! Thank-you! *S*

Below is my wings for year 2000! What a magicial year! *S*

If you have seen the picture below in your guest book or email by the name of Spiritlily or Lily, you are most likely Spirit Dusted by me! Feel Proud! *S*

Down here is the EFM(spiritlily's Enchanted Forest Meadow)'s official dusting wand. If you ever see this in your guest book that means you're invited to be part of my glory of unicorns. This includes a secret banner and secret missions, no telling others allowed.

Do you really want to leave? Okay then ~bye~bye~