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"Pass the Fire Ball"

"The Story Teller"

Hello and greetings my guests. My name is Merlin , and I am called the old one amongs the Dragons in EFM. Once a week all the big and little dragons would gather around me beside a fireplace, and there I will tell tales that I have gathered ages ago. They were tales of great dragon worriors who once ruled, evil spirited ones who detoried, and fair once who fell in love. Today, I have prepared a tale for you and your fair young friends. It is called, "Gate of the Seventh Dragon".

The wise, old dragon cleared his throat a bit as he began his tale...

Tis was just another original day, for somebody like me. My name is Sarah, and I am bored. Twas that clear enough? (Some of the little dragons giggled at this part) Anyway, since I was bored, I decided to go for a trail riding. I picked up my favorite horse, Vegas, and trotted down the hill and into the forest. Then it was when the mysterious thing happened. Suddenly everything infront of me turned milky white...the trees began slowly dissapearing...the wind was the last thing I felt from earth. Then twas then, a great temple appeared infront of me. Beside, infront, behind it stood at least a dozen of Dragons. I've decided, since I'm not going to wait for my world to come back, I better get moving. Well, to get moving, probabl means to talk with one of the dragons. ::Respect::, is the first key to communicate with a Dragon. Female dragons, I've decided, might just be a little friendlier, now that I am really glad that I were very into fantasy back on earth. Male dragons, they are good but they happens to have extremely bad tempers, babys, just eat everything that's infront of them to see if its good or not. So I walked up to a three horned dragon closest to me and cutsied, then spoke, "Hello Madame, I wish you a good afternoon, " Afternoon just sounded right, though I have absulutely no idea on what time it was, " And good luck on your future adventures"

"Hello young mortal, I give you greetings, too. My name is Athena, what is your's?

This one, I decided, was a playful one, which means easier to communicate with.

"My name is Sarah" I curtesies again.

"Oh please, I am not the King of all dragons, feel free!" "I am sorry, madame, I mean, Athena"

"So, what brings you to the Temple of the Seven Moons?"

"Temple of the Seven moons? what is that?"

"tis what's under our feet, now"

"oh! but still, what is it?"

"It was build for the King of Dragons' seven daughter: MoonBeam, MysticalWonder, SweetCinimene, Athena, Rosebud, Pele, and Mariel. I am the fourth princess, by the way, the worrior queen," Athena finished, looking quite proud with herself. Sunddenly the colour on Athena's face changed, she bend closer to me and sniffed a little, then spoke again, "Who are you!? Are you then one?"

"The one? The one what?"

"Why do you smell like my sister, Mariel the seventh dragon princess?"

"I don't know, please don't kill me..."

"Of course not, I think we need to get the King to settle this..."

King? What was she thinking? I'd die more painfully!

"Mmm...that's enough for today, you all look very tired...good night and sweet dreams"The old dragon spoke kindly as he shooed everyone off to bed.

(Wondering what will happen later on in the story? I will post it as soon as it is finished, please check next time, in Dragon's Domain of EFM.

Finished? Okie lets go back...