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My Rainbow Shrine

My Rainbow Shrine

Hello dear...Welcome to My Rainbow Shrine...My name is Lily...I guess you're all famillar with that...hee..hee... Anyways, just a little introduction here...My Rainbow Shrine is going to be...Mostly...About unicorns and pegasuses, and other Rainbow coloured yea*, right here beside my belly(the picture on top), are my newest babies. The one most to the left's name is Flikerfoot, she's the kind who loves to wander. The one sleeping in the middle is Moonbeam, oh he loves to stare at the moon at night, and he was born on a full moon, too! And at last, the one most to the right is Lightfoot, he is next to my Throne! Another word, he is Prince Lightfoot.

Those creatures above are called LionFlies. Lion represents their enormous sizes and flies represents their tiny wings! Those ones specifically are the newest chosen King and Queen of the LionFlies Chamber! As well as a part of my EFM. They are not ready to public their chamber yet! *hee hee*

Now this little cutie over here's name is MerHorse. It technicially stands for Mermaid Horse! I publiced this one here specifically because its the only one with rainbow coloured skin!!!~~~!!!

If you wonna visit some other Shines or Chambers click here to go back to the main hall! Glad you dropped by!
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