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My Spirit Contest page!

My Spirit Contest page!

Contest Number#1

#1 what kind of charm do fairies hate? #2 what kind of food do fairies love? #3 What kind of thing would a fairy never do?

!CHEERS! New Christmas Contest posted below!

#1 Name all the names of Santa's Reindeers #2 What is Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus' real name? Bonus Question (you do not need to answer these but if you do you will be given a secret suprise): How did Santa became Santa?

If you know the answers of neither contests please email SpiritLily at along with your name, site URL (if you have one), and email address, thank-you very much for paticipating in this program of the EFM.

Got the answers emailed alreally? Okay then, off you go back to the main meadow!