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The Dragon Goddess, Queen of the Underworld (one of a kind)


I really don't know, I am born at the same time as the other gods and goddesses, when the worlds weren't even created.


Sorcery and Element(including black/death and white/healing) Magic

LadyLavender's History, Magic, and etc.:

LadyLavender was born on a Ranch, where her Parents lived with her older sister, Caroline. When she was born, on her neck held an amulet covered with silver. Carved on this amulet was two trees growing into each other, with a crown on each one of them. Her parents thought it was strange, and it might be for protection, so they left it on.....One stormy night, the 5 years old LadyLavender accidentally became lost outside on the plains of the horses. One man, a man with sapphire eyes, came and tried to slay her. However, he stopped in horror as soon as he saw Lady's beautiful velvet eyes. While the man who was an arch angel stood in horror, Hades, the god of the underworld came and saved LadyLavender from her disaster. Seven years after LadyLavender was brought to live in the world way under with Hades, the ArchAngel who tried to slay her attacked again. Lady was kept safe, but Hades died in the battle....With the hatred that will live in her heart forever, LadyLavender cruely treated every ArchAngel she meets and continually searched for the ArchAngel with the blonde hair like whitened golds and the blue eyes shining like saphhire stones....Years after Lady was the Queen of the Underworld, she finally forgave the ArchaAngels, because they were just doing their job to kill every residents of Hell. Little did they know, people like Hades and LadyLavender might rule the underworld, but their hearts are filled with love.

LadyLavender does not battle unless to save an innoncent, or if it's a casual fight. With her healing powers she have revieved many lives and healled many wounds. Lady's main weapon is her powers of sorcery, the powers of the will and the word. LadyLavender's most strong weapon so far discovered, is the Hell's Fire. Many of Lady's powers are still remained unknown, for she is still very young in sorcery ages.

Presently, LadyLavender travels around with her loving hellhounds and her dragonfriend, Mariel, the ice dragon in search for physical and mental wounds to heal, and also, innoncent lives to save or revieve....

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email LadyLavender at :, Thank you.

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