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Dragon's Domain

Dragon's Domain

Hi, Welcome to my Dragon's Domain. My name is Atlantis, the Queen of my tribe, the Dragons. We might look scary, but as Lily found out, we are one of the most friendliest creature who ever lived on EFM. Please enjoy and have fun in the games some of my tripe members might offer. Also, just a little notice...Dragons CAN get mad, so, simply be respectful when talking to a one. Through out this tour you will find and learn about different types of Dragons that lives here in the EFM. As well as experence games and contests the Dragons creates. The best of all, just have the greatest fun ever!

Haa haa, don't worry, Mertin's kind fires won't burn, not the ones he doesn't want to hurt anyway...Please, join our story teller beside the fire place for a tale.

This fine lady here has been a "DragonFriend" for quite a long time. She is the lady form of our intelligent and loyal pal, Raven. Every week she will give challenging questions (listed below) to work-out the brains of our young dragons. If you know the answer, please feel free to email SpiritLily at, and she will give it to me for marks! You might just win one of the most precious gifts we Dragons ever give out!

This Week's Question is:

What is the definition for "Fallen Angel"?

Questions by: Raven (Please email your answers to before this week is over! The answer of the previous three weeks will always be posted, the rest will be stored also in our "Memorial" Meadow.)

Scared of the Dragons? Okay, lets "Escape!!!" *giggles*