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Hobo Boxcar Web Ring Home Page.

This is the home page for the Hobo Boxcar Web Ring. This Web Ring is dedicated to websites dealing with the following subjects;
  • The Hobo Life Style. Philosophy and personal experiences associated with riding the rails, itinerant workers, being a hobo, and being a free spirited traveler.

  • Riding the Rails. Information, pictures, and thoughts regarding train travel, train facts, and railway. Any website associated with railways is acceptable, but sites associated with cheap (or free) train travel are preferred.

  • Hobo and Train Stories. Real life wisdom of the rails, both fictional and non-fictional, with emphasis on the free-spirited American hobo and his philosphy.

  • Fans of Jon Stone. Reviews and commentary regarding Jon Stone's classic book Wisdom of the Rails, containing the wit and wisdom of the American Hobo. A masterpiece of hobo philosophy and rail-riding wisdom.

All content must be approved by "Hobo Boxcar" before you can join this ring (but we are pretty easy going folks). Please — no pornography or overtly religious or political materials. We just want to keep living our lives in peace and quiet contemplation!

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Hobo Boxcar Web Ring
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