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Crappie Are Awesome!!!

Kelly's Crappie Page!

Crappie are probably the best fish you can catch in the entire state of Ohio. I have seen an actual crappie and held it in my hand. My Dad wanted to keep it and kill it for food, but I said "No way Dad, crappie are gorgeous creatures and they belong in the wild. True, they are fun to catch, but I will always throw them back so they can bring joy to others. I would not eat a crappie if my life were depending on it!" And with that, I threw my crappie back into the Spencer Reservoir. My Dad and brother however, fileted, breaded, and fried their crappie later that night in our kitchen. I think this traumatic event is what caused my hatred for all food to come out of the sea.

This is a White Crappie. There are also Black and white Crappie. I don't have a picture of one of those though. You'll just have to imagine this one, only with more black on it.

I think this crappie is a little scary if you look at his eye, but none the less awesome simply because he is by the grace of God a crappie!

This is an excellent depiction of a crappie that a dude had on his T Shirt. It is also important to note that the dude had a mullet. Man that dude was sweet, I should have gotten his screen name!

This guy is such a bad ass! I can only hope to marry a man with as much crappie catching skill as he has. I assume he threw these back into the water immediately after this picture was taken. If not, I take back every good thing I ever said about him.

The Beastie Boys also love crappie. (OK, so I don't know this for a fact but they are undeniably fabulous. Therefore, they must love fabulous things. i.e. crappie)

This picture just makes me sad.

This is the type of lure used to catch crappie.

I know it makes them seem dumb, the fact that this is appetizing to them. But for God's sake people they're only fish!

Crappie magazine is the true test of how much you love crappie. I had a lifetime subscription until it went out of business last October. I'm still mourning the loss of this most beloved periodical.

Crappie Can Cooler

All your fishing buddies will envy you when you use your Crappie vinyl can cooler. It has double walls to make it both functional AND attractive. 4 1/2" H. Why hold onto a cold can when you can hold onto a crappie?!

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