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Today's Interview: VANITA HARBOUR!

For More Information on Vanita, please visit her Official Website

1. First, thank you so much for doing this! You've been missed on GH. That said, what do you think "Dara" is doing now, behind the scenes so to speak?

Until The Oasis burned down she was enjoying a turn on stage as Chrysanthamum...

2. Some of the best scenes you've done have been with Nancy Lee Grahn; the way your characters spar is great. Are you two friends outside of work?

Nancy is a good friend. Nancy and I would have liked Dara and Alexis sparring in the courtroom with these two women friends outside of work. The two of them dishing about men, shopping, having lunch etc. - girl stuff. We actually pitched the idea and was told it would never fly. We looked at each other and said, "Hello, The Practice..."

3. Has Dara ever actually WON a case?!

Why do you think she was moonlighting at The Oasis?

4. What was it like to crossover to "Port Charles"....strangely deja vu or very different from the GH set?

It is always wonderful to be on Port Charles. P.S. I made sure that my wardrobe included lots of turtlenecks. You know, just to be on the safe side.

5. Which was your favorite nurse's ball number?

I enjoyed all of them. The Nurse's Ball was a great opportunity to bring awareness to the tragedy of AIDS. It also gave the actors a chance to show another side of their characters with the song and dance numbers. I was very disappointed to hear that they are no longer doing that annual event. I felt we helped to make a difference.

6. We wonder about day DA, the next.....MIA? Do you have a clue where he is now!?

I see him all the time when I am working, he's the bartender!

7. What do you like better, teaching or acting?

That is a difficult question to answer because they both give me something different. Teaching allows me to give back and that is a priority for me, to always give something back.

7. If you could take one thing from the GH set home, what would it be?

Helena's yacht.

Thank you, Vanita...hope to see "Dara" back soon!

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