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Gedstern Gabs with: Rebecca Herbst!

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Q: The character "Liz" has gone through a ton of changes in the past couple of years, did you feel like she went from 17 to 22 in like a day?

A: Elizabeth has been through so much in the past five years. She went from being a rebellious teenager to a young woman due to so many unfortunate events. First the rape, then losing the love of her life....twice, and now discovering the person she thought she knew (Jason), isn't who she wants to be with. On the positive side, Elizabeth has become quite the survivor with a lot of strength, courage, and perseverance.

Q: Are you glad Vanessa is back so you can swap baby pictures? A: I donšt get a chance to see Vanessa that much because we donšt work together, but when we do run into one another all we talk about is what our sons are going through. Ethan is six months older than her baby, so I am able to tell her what to expect in the up coming months. Her son is so beautiful!

Q: How has your life changed since having a baby?

A: I get asked this question a lot and I look back at the person I was a couple of years ago and at the person I am now. Itšs like looking at two completely different people. I feel as if I have lost my single identity as "Becky", but have gained a much stronger and more important identity as a "wife" and "mother". Now, I stop to smell the roses because I can see just how fast life is going by.

Q: Are you finding it difficult being a working Mom?

A: There are days when I wish I didnšt have to do anything but spend time with my baby. So, yes, at times it can be difficult because I donšt want to leave him, but we are so fortunate that Michael is able to stay home with Ethan. My hat is off to all single, working moms!

Q: Have you thought about how you would feel if Ethan wants to get into acting someday?

A: This question has been discussed recently due to Ethan's sudden charming fascination with the camera. Whenever we pull out a camera and say, "one, two, three", hešs all smiles. If Ethan tells us one day this is what he wants to do, we wouldnšt stop him. After all, both Michael and I got into the business as children and I think we turned out all right!

Thank you so much Becky, and good luck!

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