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Gedstern Gabs with: Kimberly McCullough!

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You've been a guest on many primetime shows --which was the most fun to work on?

The most fun I've ever had on a prime time show was working on The Shield. I got to play a bad girl, and the cast and crew were unbelieveably warm and welcoming. Out of all the roles I've played, I am most proud of that one. Maybe because it's the furthest character from Robin that I've ever played.

Do you prefer NYC or LA? That's a hard question. I think LA for right now in my life fits the best. But if I had all the money and time in the world, I'd rather spend it in NYC. There's just so much culture there and better food. My dream is to have a loft in SOHO there someday and a house somewhere in LA.

"Robin" was a complex character, especially towards the end of your stay at GH. What would you like to think she's doing now?

I'd like to think that Robin is making a new life for herself, wherever she is. She had so much tragedy in her young life, that I think it's OK for her to leave everyone and everything behind and start over. Obviously Anna doesn't care about her daughter, 'cause she's on another show, acting like her daughter never told her she was HIV positive. Also her best friend Brenda is alive and no one bothered to tell Robin. Very odd...

What would be your dream part....either theater, film or TV?

My dream part would be a tough girl in a western. I want to ride horses and carry guns, and be vulnerable at the same time.

Do you still design shirts for "Girl Bones"?

"Girl Bone" is no longer. I love designing clothes, but I could not devote all my attention to it. I'll start up another company someday when I can hire people to work for me.

Anything else you'd like your fans to look out for or know about?

"Firefly" (Fox Network; Fridays), but I don't know when it will be on. And I did this music video that's going to be on MTV2. It's for a band called, "Sunday's Best", and the song is called, "Don't let it fade away."

Thank you and good luck! Can't wait to see you in that video!

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