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Interview Archive: Constance Towers


(Helena Cassadine)


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So, tell us what you think has happened to "Helena"

I believe that Helena has been "Put on Ice" so to speak....... & in light of Mikos' desire to freeze the world, she is in her element in Antarctica.... But I'm sure she hired an ice cutter to come in and taker her out......... She was wearing Ermine (looking pure as the driven snow) By now she couuld have taken her snow boots to Buenos Aires ... there are great economic opportunities there at the moment..... she could be the new "Evita"

Which medium is the hardest work? Film, stage or TV?

TV (Soap Opera) is definitely the most work.... you have five weeks to rehearse for a Broadway show and then you say the same lines always.... a movie production is thrilled to film 1/2 page a day..... a soap has no rehearsal time and shoots 60 pages a day.... Don't get me wrong tho.... I love the challenge of a soap......

What do you think Helena's appeal is? Fans love her despite her evilness!

Because most people secretly long for her kind of power, wealth and ability to make things work another way & without consequences. Helena manages to find the humor in most situations which allows you to like her, or at least to enjoy her.

Ketchup or Mustard?

A little Ketchup never hurts, as long as it's not on Helena's hands... but Dijan mustard, Grey Poupon goes witht he Rolls Royce... It's so chic, while Ketchup is so.... plebeian.

What kind of animal describes Helena? What kind describes you?

Helena: Siberian Tiger... nearly extinct... she's a one of a kind .

Me? : "Pussy cat!"

What is your favorite resturant?

For Helena: "Tour Y' Argent" in Paris.... watching them press the blood out of the duck & then serve it with great presentation is inspiration.

For Connie: Taillevant in Paris.... They serve the most fabulous pear sorbet ever... it's incredible.. & Orangerie in Los Angeles..... Everything they serve is divine & the ambience is so elegant and special.

If Helena could perform in the "Nurse's Ball" what would you like her to sing?

I'd love for Helena to sing: "To Keep my love Alive" - Rodgers & Hart

"Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" from Damn Yankees

Do you have a message for your fans?

Your love, care and devotion mean more than I can ever put into words... your letters, calls and emails are pure inspiration.... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love and appreciate you all! ~Constance Towers 2002.


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