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Interview Archive: Billy Warlock


Billy Warlock

AJ Quartermaine
Billy Warlock Offical Page

Tell us about something you've seen in LA that struck you as too weird for even LaLa Land?

Billy -"Fabio & a date hanging out at the East Valley animal shelter when we were adpoting our new dog Eddie."

What's the best book you've never read?

Billy - " 'Memoirs of a Geisha' I won't read it because it's a chick book but Tolan tells me it's the best book she's read in a long time."

Just what exactly IS on the Quartermaine breakfast buffett?

Billy - "Nothing but fruit & danish - sometimes extremely cold scrambled eggs & greasy cold sausages. You know, mostly things you would never eat in a million years."

Does Sonny ever really "take care of everything?"

Billy - "Who's Sonny?"

We read that "One Life to Live" is your favorite soap! Did you wish you had a chance to guest star during their "Live" week?

Billy - "I just said that so Jill Farren Phelps would like me, no was only my favorite show while Jill was running it. Ha ha ha."

Does Sonny ever remind you of Fonzi from your time at Happy Days?

Billy - "Who's Sonny?"

What invention would you gladly travel back in time to disinvent?

Billy - "Cellular phones"

Whatever happened to AJ's big crane? Did Courtney ever see it and was she impressed by its size?

Billy - "She married him in two weeks, didn't she?"

Do you ever wonder why Bees dont get arthritis?

Billy - "Often..."

Do you or other GH stars ever listen to Howard Stern?

Billy - "I listen to Stern pretty regularly - my girlfriend Tolan was the marketing director for his LA affiliate so she didn't give me much of a choice, I listen to Tom Leykis too."

What is the airspeed velocity of the common barn swallow?

Billy - "Whatever Sonny says it is..."

What makes your gaster flabbered?

Billy - "Who's Sonny?"

Who has the messiest dressing room at GH?

Billy - "That's highly classified information & I'll have to kill you if I told...."

What is the funniest practical joke you ever played or was perpertrated against you on set?

Billy - "They told me some guy named Sonny would be raising my son"


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