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Archive: Coltin Scott Interview!

Gedstern sits down with: Coltin Scott Martines!

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You've really come into your "own" as Nikolas since taking over the role. When did it "click" for you? From the start or did it take awhile

First off..I thank you for the compliment...and as far as it clicking..I really do not know. I would have to say around the sixth month period. There is always a transition and a time for building.

Is the set of Wyndamere as cool as it looks?

Well Wyndamere was great until it became Pee-wee's Playhouse. No it is a cool set. I think that the yacht is a very exquisite set.

Do you think that Gia and Nikolas will EVER have that wedding? (fans are DYING for it!)

Well considering that some changes are going to be made soon. I can't really speculate. I think that it would be great, but eventually down the road, we need to have something to fight for at such a young age on the show.

Who's the one person on the set that can always crack you up?

Well, that is very easy...two people come to being Billy, and the other is Tony. Billy is just a big kid, with a heart of gold. He is an adult in a kid's body...even in the literal sense of the he is a great guy, and well what can you say for Tony Geary..he is Tony!

Where's Sheba lately?

With Mrs. Campbell on vacation!

sushi or steak?

I love them both!

Did you get one of those Cassadine medallions? Do you get to keep it?

No, no medallion for me....and would I want one?Maybe, just as a keep sake.

Name your fave LA hot spot.

Relaxation in my own home....and yeah, of course the GOLF COURSE!!!!!!

If you could wish one thing from "Nikolas" what would it be?

HIS MONEY....and his patience for life and what the future holds.

We thank Coltin for this interview! Visit his favorite charity at: Penny Lane "A Voice For Children"


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