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Interview Archives!

10/1: Nancy Lee Grahn! (Alexis Davis)

Miss Grahn was gracious enough to correspond with us for this interview and we thank her so much!

The scenes you had when "Kristina" died were riveting! How was that to film?

The scenes during the week of August 5th were extremely challenging-perhaps more than any other I have had since coming to the role six years ago.

Do you miss the "Cassadines" and your involvement with Helena?

New head writers bring new visions- but it does seem that Helena has stayed away from Port Charles an extremely long time now. Constance and I are great friends, and always enjoy working together.

What is ahead for Alexis?

I truly don't know a lot. Right now she is very busy in her lawyer mode. The Corinthos/Cassadine/Quartermaine heir continues to live and hopefully I will be able to play a single mom story.

How did you feel about your character's involvement with that dimpled Don across the hall?

The fact that the former writers allowed us to see a vunerable side of Alexis brings many possibilities for keeping her fresh and entertaining. I will always be grateful to them for this!

Any words for your fans?

The viewers are being very vocal, and I hope you will let those in charge know what you would like to see happen! My mailbox overflows and this constantly reminds me the audience is watching, and I must do my best.

Thank you so much for this!

Thank you--I hope you will keep in touch!

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