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This is the beginning. I just got this put up, so it has really no content to speak of, and I apologise for it not looking like much either its still quite under construction, but please email me your stories, I WILL POST EVERYTHING, Im here to make a forum for anybody to put up there ff8 stories. please help this site grow. snoochie boochies


This is the first update, Ive put up some new stories, and Im still looking for more fics to put up, keep those emails rolling, and thanx for those who let me use their stuff!


This is the second update, and I apologise to anyone who has been back more than once that it took so long. Im planning another big update, ooooh pictures, and Ive got tons more stories to upload, hopefully that will be done befoer school starts, til then keep readin and emailing!


I hope you like the pics, I'm hopefully gonna put up more stories (Thanks to everyone letting me use their stuff)and some more cool things like a bulletin board for reviews!!! keep coming back ,eh!


Holy cow, Ive been real busy with the beginning of school and stuff, so I haven't actaully updated anything in a wihile, but, I hope maybe to do it sometime soon, for now, leave messages on the board!


I finally updated the stories sectio, hopefully you people enjoy the sumptious fan fiction feast that awaits ye, and leave a message on the board, its at the bottom of the stories page, at least to tell me whether I should get rid of the writing on this page or not.

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