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-Thursday, June 26- Recruits traveled to NAS Pensacola to work with the Coast Guard. They received an up close look at the weapons used by the Coast Guard and were taught how to tie basic knots and throw mooring lines. They also got the opportunity to visit the lighthouse and ride on a Coast Guard boat. The recruits then came back to NAS Whiting Field and visited Helo Training Squadron 18 and got an up close look at both the TH-57 training helicopter and the T-34C training fixed wing aircraft.

-28th June - 1000 - Cadets Graduation

***The COTC would like to welcome all League Cadet Parents to attend the graduation ceremony..the graduation will be at 1000 Saturday morning in BLDG 3125(JPATS)***

Welcome to NLCC Whiting Field Recruit Training. If you have questions or comments for the COTC E-Mail him

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Duty Phone Number In Case Of Emergencies ONLY - (850)-623-9245