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RAT&SURVIVAL '04 (page 3/4)






No doubt, this is one of the best ratbikes running around the world! It's a rat based around a wacker plate Diesel engine!!!!!! Ola rode this thing all the way from Sweden at a topspeed of 70 km/u. RESPECT! Do you think your ratbike beats this one? Mail me!



This well known bike is completely camouflaged. Look at the extreme headlights!



Hardly Rideables scooters!



Hardly Rideables scooter won the price of 'best engineering'! Look at the nice made aluminium rearfork!




  This Hardly Rideables scootr run around for miles with a broken fronfork (see picture) But it was fully loaded with only beer! 



This is a really amazing ratfighter! Something was passing by with a terrible noise, and this minimalistic rat entered the gate. Look at the 'headlight', great! Ola said there's just one description for this bike; RESPECTLESS!



Honda Shadow in survivalbike style! Nice 2th WW alike frontpart!





Mouse with his amazing new project! 




Dr. Death!



Fantastic survivalfighter!



Ratowner is working at his worn-out ratbike. result: trophee best rat!



Thunderdog, THE survivalbike i think!



Nice CX