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RAT&SURVIVAL '04 (page 1/4)

(7,8,9, may 2004) This year I went to the English Rat& Survivalshow, organised by the ratbike-Gods  This years R & S was held at a new site, the Seven Stars Pub near Twyford/Buckingham. 

For me this was the greatest event I've ever been! It's a medium sized, friendly event. No fancy stuff, no tough guy weekendbikers  showing their bolt-on chrome softail Harleys and how much money they spend on it. Just people with lots of humor and creativity, proudly showing their incredible creations, not put together from catalogs, but work of oiled hands!  Instead of cleaning the polished paintjob and chrome, they ride on their rats at the muddy fields!

As you can see at the following pictures, here were some bikes you HARDLY can imagine at the mainland of Europe!




All the way from Holland to see the UK Rat & Survivalshow: Jpi and his Honda Magna green Swamp bike, Bennie on non rat, a BMW K75 (with broken gearbox, a bit ratty though! hehe) and myself (Floris) at the Honda CB 750 Gonzo survivalbike! 

Gonzo & Swamp ready for the ferry....



This is Jpi's Swamp. A very strange looking machine, ready for the most dangerous trips! It has it all stuff on board to survive....



 This is Gonzo, my latest project, just finished before the show! ...and it's getting there said the English ratters. 


Ratboots.....                                Trophee! (LOL)







This amazing trike got the award for best decorated, and the're right! this one had many details and you could walk around for hours and see different things each time! Look at the first picture how these people entered the gate, amazing!




This 'bones' trike stole the show! This skeletton runnin' around (with always warmed up feet) made a big party at the muddy fields with a spontanious funny surfing show!



  Skullcrushin' trike!