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As every year I went to Harleyday Arnhem. More and more Harleyday Arnhem seems to be a fashionshow of stock bikes, with lots of chrome, expensive paintjobs, weekendbikers with nice clothing matching with their brand new Harleys! Luckily there were some cool Harleys (and japbikes)! 




Amazing Swedish style chopper



Great bobchop. 



Amazing hotrod bobber!



What the hell is this? The owner told me it's a  engine based on a Chevrolet engine. Amazing! 



   bobber                        Swedish style                       Hardtail           



                         Faaaat bike!                                      Liberator chopper



Great flamed hardtail early style chopper!



My ratbobber: Irondead!              Liberator with sidecar!            flat black softail bobber  



Dragstyle Ironhead with extended rear-forks!



Longbike in modern custom style. 



Amazing bike! The owner posed for radicalbikes too!



Nice rigid real-chopper!





Bikes of Ragbak Division Ede! Above the XS of Tjebbe, and below the chopper of Tjeerd. Both very cool ratbike-choppers. They also made some raw moped rats and extremely raw ratcars! see more of them in  articles / ragbakdivision. 



Modificated goldwing     My survivalbike: Gonzo!



Very good looking chopper!