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Tracy M Mosley Crossing Paths

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Crossing Paths

September, 15, 2005

Dear family, friends, visitors to Tracy`s Memorial Site,

I know that Victor and Tracy watch over and guide us on certian pathways. I truly believe we have two special angels that had our paths meet. I wanted to have a memorial site for my brother and found Patrica on the internet and during the construction of the site, we have noticed some things. I wanted to share these with our visitors.

1. Tracy`s grandmother was Bertha
Patricia`s mother is Bertha

2. Tracy died from a heart attack at age 58
Patricia`s father died from a heart attack at age 58

3. Tracy had two nephews named Fred.
Patricia`s husband`s nickname is Fred

4. Tracy`s step-daughter is Patricia
The builder of the web site is Patricia

5. Camilla`s favorite color is lavender purple
Patricia`s birthstone is amethyst purple

6. Patricia made Barbara`s birthday page with lavender... she absolutely had no idea this was Camilla's favorite color!!

7. It was 35 days from the day Patricia started builing the site til we opened it. Turn 35 around...Camilla is 53 and her oldest son is 35.

8. Take how many years Patricia has been married which is 28 and the age of Camilla's youngest grandchild which is 7 and again we have 35

9. Tracy died at 58. He was 23 when he recieved the Bronze Star....subtract 23 from 58, 35 again!

10. Camilla's father was born in May 1916. Camilla was born in Oct 1951. Guess how old Camilla's faher was when she was born, 35!

11. Camilla's younger son is 27. His oldest child is 8. Add them and we have 35 again.

12. Barbara and Tracy got married March 23, 1978. Tracy was 32 and guess how old Barbara was, 35!

13. On Christmas Day this year it will be ---35---weeks since my brother Tracy died.

14. Patricia's daughter Katherine will turn 28 in November and her granddaughter just turned 7 in August. Add 28 and 7, what do you get? 35!

15. Camilla sent Patricia a thank you card with the illusion of horses. Guess what her brother Victor's favorite animal is? You got it, horses.

16. Patricia is 45 and Camilla will soon turn 54. Turn Patricia's age around and you have 54, which is Camilla's age. Turn Camilla's age around and you have 45, which is Patricia's age!

In 1981 Tracy`s sister Debbie was 24 and his nephew Fred Schrader was 11 , add them together and we have .....guess what ......35!

In 1981, guess how old Tracy was....35! Born 1946.

Tracy July 20th---Billy March 1st...Camilla Oct. 11...Debbie Aug. 26....... add the dates and guess what we have--- Tracy`s age 58 when he died!

Take the age of his neice Cara---23...his nephw Fred S. ---35...his nephew Fred D.---27....... add them together and it is 85, turn it around and it is 58---the age Tracy died.

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