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Tracy M Mosley Brother Billy

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Christmas 1992 at Billy's house. Billy, Camilla & Billy's wife Linda.
Billy & Linda married November 22 1972.

Billy - Camilla - Linda

To My Big Brother

I remember:

Your first day of school at West Central Elementary. When you left I screamed, cried and cried. Mommy had such a time with me all day until you finally came home. I will never forget that day.

You didn`t like those great mud pies I tried to make you eat in the backyard.

We all had fun at the Gay Blades Roller Skating Rink all the years we were growing up.

To this day I still think of Rib-it, Rib-it and me as the Hippo!

I remember when you graduated from St. Pete High School.

Then the Illinois Institute of Technology.

When you got married.

When you became a father.

And all the times you have been by my side during serious illness.

You give me solid, straight advice when I need it.

I feel the brother-sister love, every time I hug you.

I am proud of you, I look up to, I respect you.

I had two big brothers all of my life. Now I have one and I want you to know that I love you and you are so precious to me. I am a proud sister.

P.S. Let`s not forget the...." I`m gonna tell, I`m gonna tell " !!

Debbie - Camilla - Billy - Tracy

Music: This Valley Is Mine

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