Tinnean t'Leyte's Slash

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Oops. Wrong start.

Let’s try that again.

Once upon a time…

No, that won’t do either.

Alright, let me just put it like this: while wandering the black and white corridors of American Movie Classics, I came across a fond memory of my youth, one of the best, IMHO, creature features ever made, Them! (The exclamation point is theirs, not mine.)

And I discovered I have a knack for putting my own twist on these movies.

However, that twist contains serious slash, which, to those not in the know, is romantic and/or sexual involvement between two members of the same sex. If you are under 18, or this is illegal where you are from, or if it just downright offends you,

Go Away!

I’m serious, kiddies. Don’t make me have to send my guys after you. They hate being disturbed!

Having gotten the obligatory warning out of the way, those of you still here are cordially invited to:

                                                            ENTER FREELY

                                                                   AND OF

                                                           YOUR OWN WILL