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Keeping a Journal

Were you able to record any of the good resolutions you made last year? (Ok, maybe you flunked a bit) This year, why not keep track of your best and worst decisions in a journal? A journal isn't the same as a diary; it's much more than that. You can record your thoughts, Bible verses, quotes, and other things that mean something important to you. You might think, "I'm not much of a writer." Your journal would not be for the public, so you can relax and write only what comes to your mind.
Here are some things that would benefit you:
-your writing skills will improve (sharpening your writing skills will benefit you throughout life)
-it would help you develop a habit of reflecting and meditating on the Lord
Also, many writers have found some of the most interesting stories in their own journal

Start with Prayer and Bible Reading

Ask God to help guide you through your thinking, and to show you what things that you could have done to improve that day and what you did right. Let's say you got a bad grade on your Science test. Did you spend the rest of the day worrying, or did you give the problem to the Lord? Did you realize that reading the Bible before writing in your journal can help? As you read, you may find verses that related to you that day that you could write in your journal, and this could help draw you closer to God. Through this common practice, you can find it easy to note throughout the day Bible verses, a sermon, or the life of someone that showed you a glimpse of Jesus that day.

Reflect and Meditate

What was the most notable event in your day? Was it something that would make you a wiser person, or was it something that hurt your spiritual life that day? Many of us do and say without thinking. Therefore we need to think before we act or speak. Reflecting on what happened that day can help us to overcome the tendency to be impulsive. Reflecting and Meditating can save you much misery and lead you to a great life of in the Lord. Writing down such reflections will help you become aware of where you are going and what you are doing. Meditating on the blessings that he has given you will allow you to notice how good he is to you.

Evaluate Your Decisions

Think about your many experiences that day. What decisions did you make? Could you have made a better one? Did someone criticize you about something that you didn't do? Did you get angry at someone? Did God speak to you about needing to make changes in your life? What do you want to do with your life? You should record these thoughts in your journal. Every once in a while, glance through your journal. You can see all the good decisions you made and the ones you should reconsider.

Consider ways of serving the Lord

You should try to witness to a person each day and write about it in your journal. Now you can be aware of witnessing opportunities you have each day and take advantage of them. You can also determine to be kind each day, especially to a person you make fun of or don't like. Then write it in your journal. You could also decide to pray for a certain individual daily. Record that person's name and your Prayer Request in your journal and write in your journal when the prayer was answered.(God answers all prayers. He either says "no", "later" or "ok, I'll do it now") Keeping a journal can help you become a greater and stronger christian here on earth.

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