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If you need a velcro badge holder bring $1 to the field!

Be sure to sign up for spring soccer, $45 dollars, registration dates: Wed 2/23, Sat 2/25, Wed 2/29, and Sat 2/4!



Welcome to our new SYAA referee webpage. Please remember that all availability forms must be emailed in by the Sunday before you are to be scheduled. I fixed the sizing problems I was having before so now the schedule should fit in the page correctly. To send in your availability just simply fill in the section below next to Name, Week of, and Times you are not available. It is that easy. When you click submit it will email your request straight to me! If you have no conflicts do not send a form in. If you have any questions please email or call me.

SYAA Spring Soccer League

It's going to happen! SYAA's first spring league will begin in early April. We still have alot of aspects to figure out, however we should have our first day of registration sometime before February 11th. For more information please email me. Also click the above picture link for more info and rules.

If You Do Not Appear On The Schedule

As an assignor I have my own laws and rules I must follow put forward by USSF. One of these is that I may not assign any referee whos name does not appear on the FSR website. Do to the new year some names have been dropped even though you have re-registered do to paperwork problems or simply the course administrator did not send in your papers right away. I can not do anything about this. If you wish to contact and talk to someone about this problem do not contact me however your DRA Tracy Crow at 727-455-0905.

No Shows!!!!

No shows will not be tolerated!!! If you dont show up for your games on a Saturday, I will give you atleast the next Saturday off and maybe more depending on how many games you missed. This is almost as bad as charging you so I suggest you don't do it!

Switching Games

Almost just as bad as no shows are when you guys switch or trade games with each other. No game can officially be switched without my permission. If I put you on a certain game it is probably for a reason. Swtiching games will also have penalties.

Check Schedule and Email on Friday

We have had some problems with you guys not checking your emails or schedule on fridays. Although schedule changes are minor it may change from Tuesday to Friday. I always email schedule changes to everyone and not just the effected referees so everyone can see it. Because of this you need to check your schedule and email every friday night.

Schedule Conflicts & Late Referees

I have said this many times, leave enough time for travel and to still report to the field a minimum of fifteen minutes before game time. If you see your schedule and know there is a conflict, please let me know ASAP and I will try to get you on another game. However, if you do not send me an availability form and there is a schedule conflict I will not attemt to get you a game. If there is any questions please call or email me.

Red Cards & Send-Offs

If you throw a red card in a game you must fill out a supplemental for it. The red card print out can be downloaded off the FSR website under files and forms. The link to the FSR webpage can be found under the important links section on the top left of this page. If you have any problems or questions filling out this form please contact Tracey Crow or myself. This form must be turned in within 48hours of a game ending.


I usually send out about two emails a week to all the referees. It is very important that you get these because they have some information that is not available on this website. If you are not getting my emails please let me know so I can add you on our referees mailing list.