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I'm sorry there aren't very many examples but I'm hoping you can use the methods I gave you and succeed in what you want to do. You can look up pictures with hands to practice and whatnot whenever you need to until you're ready to draw relying on what you see in your head. Hands and feet aren't complicated once you get used to them!

A sign language book is even better for reference and things. I own a sign language dictionary with real photos myself!




---if you can't find a definite shape to draw the hand from?

Easy, you find the shape around the hand and then you draw right in it!

Sometimes, you may have to block it all in in case you think it'd be easier for you that way. If you make only one shape (the over all outline) then the rest you'd have to do is practically freehand. So, if you're not ready, use more than one shape, block it up!


Do you really have trouble drawing feet? Well, no worries, feet are naturally kind of ugly and funky when you think about them to a certain extent and continuously strain yourself to draw them.

Same thing for hands or feet. You can box block or circle block them. I didn't draw you enough examples but I think you can figure them out by yourself. If you really can't you should request from me.


Walk a few steps (in a clear area where you can walk and not bump into anything) and watch your feet! They're not stiff paddle or flipper things doncha know, they bend some when we take steps.

Whenever you draw feet, you don't really need to get complicated about them. All you need to watch out for are the landmarks you see in the example to the right and the proportion of the feet in comparison with the rest of the body.