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Line Figure Drawing

I understand that arms and legs can sometimes be tricky, but guess what: it's just a bunch of spheres and cylinders (or elongated cones with no tips).


If you're the kind who tends to draw simplified arms then don't worry about it. The arm isn't really much at all. All (or most, if someone's handicapped) arms stick out from the shoulders and end by the hips.

Below, you'll see the difference between thin arms and thicker arms.


Not all arms are the same just like not all body types are the same.

Thin arms bulge noticeably at the elbows. Why? BECAUSE OF THE BONES! Medium sized arms will also have a slight bulge but not much.

Thicker arms start very wide at the shoulders and taper into the wrist. Wrists are usually the thinnest part on a thick arm. Why? I dunno. They just are.

If you want to see muscular arms, look at toy action figures or Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat pictures. Just look them up! If you want poor old me to help out, welll... e-mail me and I'll try. I'm not very good at muscles either.


Yeah, I don't really know what to do with them either! =)

Okay, now onto legs

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