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Justice Speaks On Steven's Behalf

The Clanton Advertiser ran a poll on which they asked their readers if they believed the monsters who murdered Steven Spears should get the death penalty. On my last visit to the poll results before it ended, the results stood at 115 pollsters voted 81.2% IN FAVOR of the death penalty. Smart people live in that area, it appears. I cannot understand how anyone could vote any different. I pray the jurors on this case also hand down the death penalty. If it were left up to me, they would experience the actions of a guillotine. God forgive me for such thoughts, but these are not humans. Humans do not do unto other humans what they did. Only evil monsters could do such. May the judicial system "try them and fry them". And as for the two who got away, may God bring justice to their door and upon their heads. PJKO ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Chilton Youth Indicted for Bibb Murder

Clanton Advertiser, From Staff Reports, February 12th, 2005

MONTGOMERY - Attorney General Troy King presented evidence to a Bibb County grand jury late Friday that resulted in indictments and the arrests of two men for capital murder and assault.

The charges arise from a drive-by shooting into the vehicle of a Bibb County couple, in which Steven C. Spears Jr. was fatally wounded and the assailants viciously beat his wife, Monica Spears, with a chain. The attack occurred on Alabama Hwy. 139 on Dec. 10, 2004.

Troy Edward Connell, 16, of Chilton County, and Jimmy Lamar Killingsworth Jr., 28, of Shelby County, were arrested by the Bibb County Sheriff's Department and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, and are being held in the Bibb County Jail without bond.

"Unexpected violence invaded Bibb County on Dec. 10, shocking all who lived there," King said. "[Friday's] indictments are the first steps in the journey toward justice. I was proud to be able to be at the sides of the Spears family and to present this case to the grand jury in Centreville [Friday]. I look forward to obtaining justice for Monica Spears, her family, and the people of Bibb County."

Both Connell and Killingsworth are charged with the same four counts: three different charges of capital murder for killing Steven Spears, and one charge of second degree assault committed against Monica Spears.

State law specifies various circumstances of killing that may be charged as capital murder, and the murder of Spears involved three different elements that constitute capital murder: attacking with a deadly weapon into a vehicle and killing a victim, firing a deadly weapon from a vehicle and killing a victim, and killing a victim during the course of a robbery.

King was assisted at the grand jury by Assistant Attorneys General Kenneth Steely and Don McMillian, and the case was investigated by ABI Cpl. Johnny Tubbs and Bibb County Sheriff's Dep. Jody Wade.

No further information about the investigation or about the alleged crimes other than that stated in the indictments may be released at this time.

If convicted, the defendants face the death penalty or life imprisonment without parole for the killing of Steven Spears and one to 10 years for the assault of Monica Spears.
Two Men Indicted in Fatal Bibb County Drive-by Shooting
2/11/2005, 5:38 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

CENTREVILLE, Ala. (AP) A Bibb County grand jury indicted two men Friday on charges that they killed 36-year-old Steven Carlyle Spears of Maplesville in a drive-by shooting and beat his wife with a chain. Monica Spears survived the attack.

The grand jury indicted Troy Edward Connell, 16, of Chilton County, and Jimmy Lamar Killingsworth, 28, of Shelby County, with capital murder in the Dec. 20 fatal shooting of Spears on Alabama 139 in rural Bibb County. They are also charged with second-degree assault in the attack on Monica Spears.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King presented the evidence to the grand jury.

The victims were driving home from a family gathering when assailants in a red SUV passed the Spears' car and killed Spears in a drive-by shooting. Monica Spears was able to steer the car to the side of the road and get out.

The assailants beat her with a chain and stole her husband's wallet, police said.

The highway where the attack occurred runs between Selma and Montevallo. A wooden cross now marks the spot on the roadside where the attack occurred.

Clanton Advertiser, December 28th, 2005

Chilton Pair Arrested in Bibb Murder

By Jason Cannon

Two Chilton County residents are in custody in connection with the murder of a Bibb County man and brutal beating of his wife in Montevallo, Dec. 11.

Jimmy Killingsworth Jr. and Diane Pate, both of North Chilton County, were arrested and allegedly charged in the death of Steven Spears and the beating of his wife Monica, South of Montevallo along Highway 139.

The Spears were attacked Friday, Dec. 11, while driving home from a relative's birthday party.

After the birthday party, Steven and his wife, Monica, stopped at a convenience store, then began making their way home, unaware they were being followed by someone who watched them check out.

According to police, a car pulled along side the Spears' vehicle and shot Steven as he was driving.

Monica ran to Steven's side of the vehicle after it stopped. As Steven collapsed on top of her, his killers allegedly came back for his wallet. The killers then beat Monica with a chain to force her back.

Monica was treated and released from Baptist Shelby shortly after the attack. (NOTE: I do not know why the baby was not mentioned here.)

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