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Southampton City FC 1989 - 2005


Trophyman in 1991/1992 Season

Back Row: Tony Bendall, Andy Kennesion, Rob Baker, Steve Pickett, Bryan Stevens, Ali Khobzi

Front Row: Andy Nicholas, Andy Hargreaves, Andy Page, Mike Edwards, Dave Thornlow

The Solent Conference 7 a Side Winners in 1992/1993

Bryan Stevens, Andy Kennesion, Rob Baker, Steve Pickett, Andy Kennesion, Andy Hargreaves, Tony Bendall and Vik Gupta

Whitley Bay Social Club in 1993/1994 Season

Back Row: Pete Layfield, Matty Williams, Andy Nicholas, Rob Baker, Craig Burton, Alan Denford, Mike Bhola

Front Row: Andy Page, Andy Hargreaves, Andy Simpson, Mike Burton and Tony Bendall

Hampshire Local Authorities 5 a Side Tournament - Winners

Back Row: Andy Holman, Kev Shephard, Mike Burton, Alan Denford

Front Row: Andy Simpson, Craig Burton and Brad Cron

1997/1998 Junior Division Four Squad

Back Row: Rob Baker, Andy Holman, Stu Parsonage, Pete Cookson, Pete Watts, Mike Burton, Ade Holman, Terry Bennett, Cliff Cron

Front Row: Alan Denford, Brad Cron, Padraig Kehoe, Dale Vaughan, John Dennis, Pete Cron and Steve Williams

1997/1998 Junior Division Four Champions

Back Row: David Cron, Andy Holman, Pete Cookson, Steve Williams, John Dennis, Gary Day, Ade Holman, Stu Parsonage, Pete Watts, Cliff Cron, Terry Bennett, Alan Denford

Front Row: Richard Mostran, Stu Judd, Craig Burton, Peter Cron, Padraig Kehoe, John Dennis and Brad Cron

Southampton City during the 1998/99 Season

Back Row: Richard Cron (sponsor), John Dennis, Gary Day, Keith Brockway, Ade Holman, Stu Parsonage, Cliff Cron, Pete Watts, Pete Cookson, David Cron, Andy Holman(Manager)

Font Row: Padraig Kehoe, Brad Cron, Pete Murray, Richard Mostran, Stu Judd and Pete Cron



Goal action from the 1998/1999 Season in the Southampton Junior A Cup as Brad Cron nets against Norwich Union

2000/2001 Junior Division Two Squad

Back Row: Dan Foot, Brad Cron, Dave Cron, Stu Parsonage, Cliff Cron, Ade Holman, Gary Taylor, Stu Bridle, Steve Daly, Matty Cron

Front Row: Leathan Hanlon, Ian Thurston, Matt McGimpsey, Peter Cron, Mark Dando, Dan Stacey, Stu Judd and John Mouland

2001/2002 Season

Goalmouth action from the Junior Division One League against Pirelli General.

Despite the best efforts of Ian Thurston on the goal line, Pirelli score the opening goal in their 3 - 1 victory at Totton College

2002 Totton Ibiza Touring Squad

Back Row :-Cliff Cron, Stu Bridle, Ian Thurston, David Cron and Adam Baker

Front Row :- Pete Cron, Matty Cron, Gary Taylor and Brad Cron



2002/2003 Junior Division One Squad

Back Row: Ciff Cron, Dan Foot, Si Cook, Stu Parsonage,  Ade Holman, Dan Bundy, Brad Cron, Matty Cron

Front Row: Gary Taylor, John Mouland, Ian Thurston, Mark Dando, Jules Larkin, Ian Rendall and  Stu Bridle



Goal Action from the 2002 / 2003 Season as Brad Cron follows Dan Foot's long free kick into the net

2003 - 2004 Squad

Back Row - Si Cook, Stu Bridle, Brad Cron, Stu Parsonage, Dave Cron, John Mouland, Dan Stacey (Manager), Dan Foot, Dan D'Amiro, Gary Taylor

Front Row - Cliff Cron, Owen Christie, Ian Rendall, Pete Cron, James Robinson, Matt Cron, Dean Floyd, Ade Hargrave, Jim Williams

2004 - 2005 Match Action

Ben Calder fires home Brad Cron's cross to give City the lead versus The Ark at Cutbush Lane in a Junior Two League match.

2005 - 2006 Squad

Back Row - Brad Cron, Stu Bridle, Michael Strickland, Julian Conway, Ade Holman, Chris Mills, Gary Durkin and Dean Floyd

Front Row - Cliff Cron, Matt Cron, Steve Cox, Ben Cook, James Oliver and Ryan Osborne

Missing - Dave Cron, Kevin O'Hara, Dan Foot, Pete Cron, Stu Parsonage Paul Neary and Ben Calder