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                Club Roll of Honour     


May 1992 The Solent Conference Cup Runners Up
June 1993 The Solent Conference Annual 7 a Side Winners
 July 1994 National Local Authority 5 a Side Plate Runners Up
June 1995 Hampshire Local Authorities 5 a Side Winners
1997/1998 C S S F L Junior Division Four (am) Champions


Player's Roll of Honour

Player's Player of the Year Winners


1991/1992 Mike Edwards
1992/1993 Alan Denford
1993/1994 Tony Bendall
1994/1995 Merrick Chivers
1995/1996 Shane Weaver
1996/1997 Brad Cron
1997/1998 Peter Cookson
1998/1999 Peter Murray
1999/2000 Julian Larkin
2000/2001 Stuart Bridle
2001/2002 Mark Dando
2002/2003 Brad Cron
2003/2004 Dan Foot
2004/2005 James Oliver


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