-Web Site Version .01a- LFO "Freak" WARP records This will make you want to freak


this is merely a test. i am no noob to the angel fire system and i am surprised it hasnt changed in many years.
Up for grabs are my personal MP3's off of various albums i have made in the past.
You may not use these songs for any other purposes other than listening to them or burning them ,( on anything like websites, commercials, the radio, or windows media player(:ok WMP is ok:)) without my strict/explicit permission unless you like the court system.;) if you need to contact me for permissions email me at gigablitz AT gmail DOT com. and if you cant understand the coded statment above you better not download.

i have allready begun building a professional webage that will make this look like a child had make it.
Some of these songs are previously unrelesed tracks. If you are interested in recieving a cd, numbered, and signed email me. all of these tracks will be on the cd and a few others also. the cd will come with a booklet and a case. $16 and i will pay the shipping only in the US. If you live outside of the states we will work something out with shipping ;)
enjoy the songs as they are free downloads now. when the version 1a page is done you will have to be a member of the site to download, still free. welcome and good bye children.

to save the files on your computer right click on the link and save as.

1 Last Chance -from the album Converts of Youth-

2 Venus -from the album Ages of Apples-

3 Life -from the album Return to Renaissance-

4 Life Can Be Better -from the album Sometimes some titles to some albums can make me fuckin sick-

5 Facsimilarite - from the album The Soundtrack-

6 Humana Raid - from the album Catas Trophy-


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